AddThis Tools: sharing social content
AddThis Tools: sharing social content
AddThis Tools: sharing social content
AddThis Tools: sharing social content
AddThis Tools: sharing social content
AddThis Tools: sharing social content

AddThis Tools: sharing social content

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AddThis is a social bookmarking service that is amongst, if not actually, the best in the industry. Using the module, it’s easy to insert the code to display the service’s Web Site Tools.

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Password: demodemo
Version: 1.0.7 (07/01/2021)

Datasheet and documents

AddThis Module Guide (IT) AddThis Module Guide (EN)


AddThis is very easy to use – just sign up to the service (by creating an account), after which we can create our tools:

  • Share Buttons, which allow our users to easily share our products on social networks
  • Follow Buttons, to invite our customers to visit our social pages: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • List Building, subscribe to newsletters, register for promotions, etc.
  • Link Promotion, links to promotions and special offers

Module features:

  •  Simple code integration without editing
  • Ability to set the CSS class for each Inline Tool
  • Ability to set the position of each Inline Tool on the product page:
    • a. Inline Share Buttons
    • b. Inline Follow Buttons
    • c. Inline Related Posts
    • d. Inline Tip Jar
  • Add support for GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]
  • Add Support for Do Not Track Browser

AddThis is particularly suitable for companies that have or run multiple e-shops or ecommerce: it’s actually possible to create and manage multiple profiles with a single account, managing and consulting social stats from a single control panel. It’s particularly useful in that it not only integrates all the social, but also displays those that visitors use most in order of popularity and works equally well on mobile devices.

Update ver. 1.0.6 (13/05/2019): add support for the All-in-one Rewards affiliate module.

What is AddThis?

Addthis is a free website service, owned by Oracle Corporation, which is currently used by nearly two billion people who surf the web around the world. It is currently considered the best bookmarking tool on the whole web. The purpose of this product is to increase the interaction with social networks, through a series of functions that are available to all users, and which are extremely simple.

Addthis is used in particular by web marketing experts, webmasters, site creators and managers, both novice and expert bloggers, and has become one of the most used tools since 2006, the year of its official creation. One wonders why so successful? In reality, the answer is really simple. Because it allows you to share information on all the platforms of the most important social networks and various portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Oknotizie, Linkedin, in a simple and natural way.

The service is also completely free. You just need to create an account and register, install this module for PrestaShop to be able to use it.

Addthis: how sharing works

To access the Addthis services you need to register and create your own account. An HTML code will be automatically generated to be copied on the site, it will then be possible to activate the buttons that best suit our page, choosing from various types of layout customization and giving preference to platforms and social networks in the order you want. The ideal is to choose icons that are familiar to users, and easily recognizable, to simplify the operation and make it intuitive. Addthis allows a very high level of customization, with numerous graphics and color choices in order to adapt the icons to the design of the site.

The main tools available are the following:

  • sharing : the sharing button allows you to share data on the site on all social networks. You can share products, images, information and stickers.
  • Follow : function that gives the possibility to invite users to follow the company on social networks and to visit the pages. The user officially becomes a follower.
  • Subscription to newsletters, to always be informed about company news
  • Registration and links to promotions and special offers
  • creation of lists for mass sending of e-mails

Furthermore, Addthis does not burden web pages, does not create slowdowns in the passage of information, and currently represents one of the simplest methods for sharing on the network, achievable by anyone.

Among the other advantages of its use there is also the opportunity to take advantage of a dashboard to check how many times an information has been shared and also on which social network. This verification assumes a relevant importance because it gives a clear idea of which are the most popular themes, and even if the contents of the site conform to the target audience we want to address.

Addthis has a 24/7 support service that can help if needed.

Why use Addthis

If you want to make known a new site, a blog, or increase the visibility of an existing page, it is essential to take into consideration some important rules to follow.

Sharing content via a simple button, which therefore occurs spontaneously by the user, is a winning strategy to ensure greater visibility. The increasingly frequent and mass use of social media leads them to be one of the most effective communication tools in recent years. They are used to create relationships, to search for products, services, to find out about topics of interest, to play games, to share data and images. Exploiting their potential is a winning way.

The psychological need to share

From a psychological point of view, it has been studied and demonstrated how the act of sharing through the use of digital platforms is a way to make oneself more visible in the world, to build an ideal and sometimes fictitious self-image, which can always and in any case be seen and appreciated. Users therefore share to satisfy their own need, and this is a common need for many people. Often the shared contents are subconsciously selected to create a reaction, a mass approval. Sometimes, however, they are random, purely instinctive, aimed at the pure pleasure of putting any information online. However, it is always a way of communicating.

For this reason, when you have an online business it is useful to exploit this unconscious need, to increase your visibility. Logically you have to make sure to create interesting and valuable content, which arouse interest, curiosity, fun, and always have your target audience clear, to respond to their needs in the best possible way. Certainly in the evaluation and drafting of content, which as we have said must be of value and interesting, the choice of appropriate keywords and an appropriate SEO strategy plays a fundamental role.

The SEO optimization of a site aims to position it in the best possible way compared to the various search engines, in order to increase its visibility. The more the keywords used are congenial to your target audience, the more the views will increase, the more the page will be among the top positions on Google. Furthermore, search engines use search algorithms to rank sites, and these algorithms also depend on the degree of viewing on social networks.

It must be remembered that the ultimate goal is always to increase traffic to the site and therefore create opportunities for new customers and increase sales. The purpose is always commercial. Therefore, integrating SEO and visibility on social networks is a strategic technique, which is based on the integration and analysis of multiple entities.

The ability to make your brand known on multiple media allows for greater customer loyalty, and an increase in site traffic.

In light of the foregoing, it can be concluded that this is an extremely appreciated service, very useful in some cases if well used.

Product Details

Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X


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