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The Messenger Platform's customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. 

29,90 €
Versione: 1.0.2 (14/06/2018)

AddThis is a social bookmarking service that is amongst, if not actually, the best in the industry. Using the module, it’s easy to insert the code to display the service’s Web Site Tools.

29,90 €
Versione: 1.0.5 (28/05/2018)

Your customers will be able to ask for product information, directly from your shop through WhatsApp, without needing to add your number to their contacts.

29,99 €
Versione: 1.2.1 (28/03/2017)

7 modules in 1: Art WebMaster Tools enables you to enter the verification tags of Google, Bing, Norton, Yandex and Mywot. It inserts the hreflang and canonical tags as well as Google Tag Manager, Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Pixel and Google Adwords Conversion. Art WebMaster Tools also generates the Apple Touch Icon and Favicon PNG.

29,99 €
Versione: 1.4.4 beta (28/04/2018)
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