Ottimizzazione SEO

We specialize in SEO optimization of ecommerce in PrestaShop. The SEO optimization of an ecommerce is a completely different activity than any other website. There are many determining factors to take into account on an ecommerce that are not present in other types of websites. As certified PrestaShop partners we have developed modules and solutions dedicated to the positioning of your online business on search engines.

PrestaShop and SEO optimization

The first step is the analysis of your ecommerce in PrestaShop. We perform an in-depth analysis of the current situation and competitors on organic search, releasing a report to let you know where you are currently positioned. Evaluation is the first step in identifying any problems and correcting them. With an ecommerce site it is necessary in addition to taking into account the SEO it is necessary to take into account the conversions. Getting people to your website is only half the battle, the real one is turning them into customers, i.e. getting them to complete the order. An ecommerce has significant differences compared to other types of websites, ecommerce sites have much greater dimensions (number of pages) and complexity than normal websites, it is therefore necessary to make structural and functional changes to increase the indexing of an ecommerce in PrestaShop.

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