Bootstrap themes what they are and how to use them in your ecommerce

To use bootstrap in your own project you need to download the library and include some files in the HTML page including a CSS file, a JavaScript file, fonts and SVG sprites, you can download the library from here . Alternatively you can use the npm package manager. Once bootstrap is included we can use it to create and modify our theme.

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Why are sliders and carousels a bad idea for your home?

Do you use a slider or carousel on your homepage? Despite their widespread use, this type of content is not an optimal solution for your website, we see in this tutorial why.

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PrestaShop: support 2x images - retina logo - and WebP

As mentioned in the previous article on free templates for PrestaShop , the Classic template does not yet support the Srcset attribute of HTML 5 and consequently does not allow to offer high resolution images to retina devices. In the case of the WebP there are several modules for PrestaShop, with the new version 8, there will still be native support for this image format.

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How to correctly perform the PrestaShop performance test?

It is certainly the most comfortable tool to test the performance of our ecommerce in PrestaShop , unfortunately in the free version it offers few options and the test is carried out from Canada. It is therefore necessary to create an account to be able to carry out the test from a closer location, with the free subscription we will be able to carry out the test from London, certainly the most suitable choice for having more correct data. Only with the paid plans will we be able to test our ecommerce from Paris and Frankfurt, having more real data for the reference market

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How to check if ecommerce is responsive, i.e. suitable for all devices?

Responsive design, or Responsive Web Design (RWD), is a technique that allows you to create e-commerce that automatically adapt graphically to the device with which they are displayed, such as: desktop computer, notebook, tablet, mobile phone, etc. This technology is increasingly important especially since Google introduced the Mobile First concept.

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Programs to edit product photos for your ecommerce

For even more ecommerce, taking care of product photos can make the difference between selling or not. Like it or not, well-crafted and edited photos attract a large number of people who browse your ecommerce. Therefore, it becomes more and more important for activities of all kinds, to be represented by websites, ecommerce or social pages where the graphics are literally perfect.

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What is the WebP format and why to use it

When we talk about websites, we also refer directly to SEO strategies, which manage to highlight all the defects that the latter may contain and which complicate their entire optimization. Among the first irregularities that SEO tools identify, there are certainly images, their format and their weight. This happens because images are among the first digital contents of a website to provide a first and strong impact to those who look at them.

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