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PrestaShop is an open source CMS entirely dedicated to e-commerce which is highly customisable and easily integrated, and allows you to set up your online business in a simple and intuitive way. Arte e Informatica is a PrestaShop certified Web Agency specialising in solutions for online sales..

Creation of Leoni Food e-commerce

Creation of Leoni Food e-commerce has created the Leoni food e-commerce. At the dawn of 2020, companies that deal with selling their products cannot avoid having an important remunerating source from online e-commerce. Unluckily or luckily this sales method is increasingly present on the market, not just for the momentum given by giants such as Amazon and eBay. read more
Creation of e-commerce

Creation of e-commerce has created the e-commerce. If Italian cuisine is one of the oldest and best known in the world, a small part of credit is certainly due to Sicily. This region, in fact, is recognized as the most spectacular and scenic cuisine in Italy. The primary resources directly deriving from their land, for example dairy products (pecorino, ricotta and various cheeses), oil read more
Creation of e-commerce

Creation of e-commerce has created e-commerce for As everyone knows, Italy is a country that enjoys an immense artistic but also gastronomic culture. If you intend to buy Italian typical products and have them arrive delivered at your home, you can visit the website Thanks to this e-commerce it is possible to buy and have a good variety of tasty dishes sent. read more
Creation of homemade biscuits e-commerce

Creation of homemade biscuits e-commerce has created e-commerce for Italian cuisine is famous not only for its culinary skills regarding pizza and pasta. How can you forget about homemade desserts? An example above all are the homemade biscuits. Although large industries have caught on in this sector, small companies that invest their time in producing high quality products still exist. read more

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