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B2B trade with PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an excellent ecommerce platform for B2C, but it offers few advanced features for B2B commerce, the first obstacle to the absurd is the B2B function itself. Confusion that often leads, especially in mixed ecommerce, to wrong choices. When in reality it would be enough to look at what marketplaces like Amazon are already doing to manage the needs of corporate customers.

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How important is the CMS for SEO? The answer from Google's John Mueller.

There is an urban legend that has been around for a long time, which claims that the choice of the CMS affects the positioning in the SERP , or that choosing WooCommerce instead of PrestaShop or other ecommerce platform, can somehow affect visibility. Nothing could be more false in reality, and now Google's John Mueller intervenes to unravel the doubts about this fake.

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How to remove a user's data from Google Analytics: Federico Leva and Cliend ID

Many website owners have received an email from a certain Federico Leva (he is an activist) requesting the removal of their data from Google Analytics, let's see in detail if this is possible and how to do it. Personally I consider this act simply a provocation and the massive sending passable for Spam and Phishing. Respond to the request through an online survey conducted with and without any verifiable reference. 

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Alternative to Google Analytics after the European stop

The stop of Google Analytics by the guarantor was only a matter of time, in fact the transfer of data to the USA makes this product incompatible with the GDPR. It is useless to anonymize the IPs, and above all the Guarantor holds the owner of the site responsible and not Google LLC. Mountain View has not yet replied to the Guarantor, no official note is rumored that GA4 compared to UA solves the problem, but this is not the case.

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Use CloudFlare with PrestaShop

CloudFlare is an excellent service that also in the free version can mitigate many threats and reduce junk traffic, also very useful for ecommerce that sell abroad thanks to distributed DNS, which operate as a reverse proxy make the response of our store more reactive. PrestaShop.

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PrestaShop: support 2x images - retina logo - and WebP

As mentioned in the previous article on free templates for PrestaShop , the Classic template does not yet support the Srcset attribute of HTML 5 and consequently does not allow to offer high resolution images to retina devices. In the case of the WebP there are several modules for PrestaShop, with the new version 8, there will still be native support for this image format.

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Free prestashop themes an alternative to the Classic theme

The PrestaShop Classic template is an end-of-life project and not very performing, what alternatives exist while waiting for the new Hummingbird theme? In addition to commercial themes such as WareHouse , there are some interesting projects. Some of which also aim to improve accessibility which is often overlooked.

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Blue Mail the alternative Email client for Android and iOS

Blue Mail is a complete and advanced free mail client, able to manage an unlimited number of accounts. The APP is available for iOS, Android, Linux and Windows and compared to the most popular APPs, in the mobile environment it has a huge advantage allowing you to configure aspects of your email account and solve authentication problems where many iOS and Android clients for security reasons fail to connect.

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Cross-selling and up-selling techniques what they are and why to use them

Cross selling and up selling are sales and marketing strategies that allow you to increase the benefits for both customers and sellers in the context of a sales negotiation; in the first case the implementation is possible because by means of these strategies it is easier to evaluate the various offers proposed by the companies, in the case of the sellers, on the other hand ...

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What is dropshipping and how it works

Dropshipping is a widely used sales system for selling and trading products over the web. Generally, those who intend to start a commercial activity by investing a reduced capital, place the management of logistics on their suppliers, thus reducing warehouse and shipping costs.

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How to import catalogs from CSV, XML or EXCEL files

An operation that is often vital not only in the field of dropshipping, but also when it is often the only possible way to import and synchronize our catalog with our management system. PrestaShop has its own native function for importing data, but it is very limited. While the APIs are from PrestaShop they are more complex and intended for developers.

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How to migrate PrestaShop from local to remote with domain change

In this guide we are going to see the various steps necessary to move a local installation (or to another host) in a remote web space, with relative change of domain. This operation is completely identical to that to be carried out to migrate an ecommerce in production from one VHOST to another with a change from old to new domain. 

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Zstandard: Plesk backups compressed .tzst

Without giving notice, Plesk switched to Zstandard compression for Backups , this algorithm was developed by Facebook, to manage a large amount of data on a daily basis, it is a lossless compression algorithm, so it operates without causing data loss. Zstd allows you to perform real-time data compression operations, offers a compromise between compression speed and compression ratio , and therefore allows you to compress large amounts of data in a short time.

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New reform of the consumer code, effective from 1 January 2022

On October 23, 2005, the so-called Consumer Code came into force in Italy: an important document consisting of 146 articles with the aim of reformulating the legislation that protects the consumer during the purchase phase of a good or service. Due to the evolution of the market and of the commerce sector with particular reference to the online segment, changes were necessary which came into effect from January 1, 2022 .

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How to change home with Elementor Prestashop

In this Video Tutorial we will see how to use Elementor Page Builder to create and edit our homepage, this page builder is very famous in the WordPress CMS , but it is available in PrestaShop via the WareHouse template, but also as a standalone plugin.

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How to install a PrestaShop template

In this video tutorial we will see how to install a template in PrestaShop 1.7. In detail, the iqit-commerce Warehouse theme will be installed. The template includes and integrates Elementor Page Builder , well known in the Wordpress CMS, this plugin for PrestaShop allows you to create and configure the pages of our ecommerce without knowing anything about programming.

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