Chat GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) is a natural language processing tool also integrated with Bing (Microsoft's search engine), which uses very sophisticated learning algorithms to generate responses within a chat conversation. similar to those of a human being.
It is a product developed by OpenAI, and fully belongs to the group of new artificial intelligence software, a sector that is literally exploding in Europe.

Specifically, Chat GPT is a conversational artificial intelligence software , which has the potential to greatly improve the interaction between humans and machines in many different contexts.
At the heart of Chat GPT is NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, which allows you to understand and reproduce the nuances of human language to generate coherent responses. The versatility of Chat GPT allows the underlying artificial intelligence to adapt from time to time to your interlocutor, calibrating itself on his language, and thus offering increasingly personalized answers as the conversation goes on.
Despite the enormous success of Chat GPT, there has been criticism of its limitations and the potential risks to which it can expose.
For example, difficulties are reported in understanding the context of a conversation, the consequence of which is the production of answers that are irrelevant, imprecise or, in the worst case scenario, decidedly disturbing (the bizarre conversation with a journalist from the New York Times which ended with a marriage proposal from Chat GPT).

There have been complaints about possible bias in responses, an aspect that can become a problem when dealing with sensitive topics such as gender, political preferences or skin colour. In fact, artificial intelligence can perpetrate and amplify an existing prejudice on the basis of the initial inputs, i.e. the series of data with which it is trained, involuntarily generating discrimination.
While mimicking human speech, Chat GPT can be completely devoid of tact or be unable to read between the lines, making her utterly inappropriate as an emotional support at the moment.
Other problems detected concern cybersecurity and the sharing of sensitive information, which could fall into the hands of scammers if shared too lightly.

Furthermore, at the moment, Chat GPT is in beta version, and offers limited access only after registration. It is not possible to use it immediately, but it requires a period of time for the approval of your account.
Also, being a development version, its database is still incomplete, and it only has access to data until 2021. So it may not be up to date on more recent issues, such as the war in Ukraine and related geopolitical upheavals.
Despite the negative aspects and the widespread alarmism, Chat GPT proves to be extremely useful in certain cases, and could soon become a more than valid ally to increase the productivity of companies and freelancers. In fact, its optimal field of application is that of repetitive activities in which it is necessary to quickly cross-reference a lot of data or give quick answers.
Let's see together in which fields it will be possible to exploit the full potential of Chat GPT and what the various alternatives can be.

Writing original content for Adv and Social campaigns

It is also possible to exploit Chat GPT for the production of Adv and social campaigns, and to create high-conversion content for your business.
The principle is the same as writing catalogues, i.e. the production of SEO texts, in this case specifically written for advertising campaigns. This technology can be used to create advertising posts to be shared on social networks.

Not infrequently, those who work in the field of web marketing spend hours racking their brains to prepare a strategy or an advertising campaign, doing a lot of online research in order to analyze trends and competitors. Artificial intelligence can be a valid support in all these processes or provide interesting ideas in all those cases where you are short of ideas. In fact, Chat GPT is not only able to produce SEO texts, but also to quickly group all the information necessary to produce Adv campaigns. For example, one can ask who are the main users of a given service or product, or what are its defects and advantages. In this way you have quick access to a series of data which greatly streamlines your work.

You can even directly request a copy that promotes a specific product, and the result will be an original text that can be used in ADS and social media campaigns, which in a few seconds condenses the same result of a scrupulous work on any market research done at hand. All this with the guarantee of never producing duplicates, even using identical keywords.

The main alternatives to Chat GPT

Of course there are also several appreciable alternatives to GPT Chat. Choosing the best program to promote an ecommerce must take into account many factors and can vary according to individual needs.

A valid alternative to GPT Chat is SEOzoom AI , also based on GPT-3 technology, i.e. the ability to reproduce human natural language. Being a professional tool, SEOzoom is able to create an SEO oriented text by combining human language with data extrapolated from the program, creating content that aims to satisfy users' search intent.
Indeed, SEOzoom can analyze in real time the contents already present on the web and their position in the SERP (search engine results page), and therefore calibrate the text produced on the basis of what is most sought after.
The main difference with GPT Chat is in the use of the GPT-3 protocol. The latter in fact uses a smaller and highly specialized variant of the GPT-3.
The full version of the GPT-3 protocol contains 175 billion parameters, making it the largest and most sophisticated AI language processing model. Chat GPT exploits only 20 of these 175 billion parameters, because it was born with the specific intention of generating only texts similar to human ones within a chat.
The full version of GPT-3 is therefore the prerogative of highly professional tools, less known and used, and consequently also less popular.

Another alternative to Chat GPT is the AI of Melascrivi , a famous content marketplace that also offers a service for the production of articles and images through artificial intelligence. Well aware of the limitations of Chat GPT, with which it is easy to be faced with repeated sentences, inexact statements, truncated or grammatically incorrect words, Melascrivi offers a proofreading service for contents generated with artificial intelligence, called Rethink, with which several proofreaders take care of scrupulously checking the texts generated by the AI and correcting any errors.

Google has also developed its answer to Chat GPT, it is about Bard, an experimental service based on artificial intelligence, able to answer users' questions and converse with them. Although the information in this regard is very limited, Bard seems to follow in all respects Chat GPT, and therefore have the ability to respond promptly to questions, or solve more complex problems such as suggesting a list of ingredients for a recipe.

The main difference with GPT Chat is that Bard accesses information on Google in real-time, unlike GPT Chat which has a database that is stopped as of 2021. So Bard will be able to answer questions about current events, or write texts taking taking into account current trends. The latter is a strong point that should not be underestimated, especially as regards the production of SEO oriented content, which takes into account the preferences and trends that are continuously created on the web.

Possible future developments of Chat GPT

The GPT protocol was developed to learn continuously and improve over time. The GPT Chat software is in fact set up to automatically learn new data and process new information to improve its performance. This means that the more it is used, the more performing it becomes and able to understand the requests that are made to it.
In the not too distant future, Chat GPT will probably be used for a wide range of applications: support and customer service (especially chat assistance), completing or suggesting an SEO text for selling or advertising products, creation of original articles and automatic translations of texts in any language. It will also find wide use in the creation of surveys, which can be carried out quickly including a large number of people.
Chat GPT will certainly be able to analyze the prevailing sentiment of many textual contents, for example by extrapolating it from social media, to identify all the trends present and the predominant thinking of society on a given topic or product.
According to its creators, this software was born with the primary intention of interacting in a friendly way with human users, and making them benefit from it, but it is obvious that the potential is much wider and it is impossible to limit it to role of a simple virtual companion. It is no coincidence that many feel deeply concerned by the possibility, not too remote, that GPT Chat takes jobs away from a large portion of the population, if used without ethics and conscience, and without specific regulations.

In order to use GPT Chat and other artificial intelligence applications in the best way, it would be advisable to follow some recommendations: always be fully aware of one's own biases and prejudices to avoid transmitting them to the AI and therefore generate inaccurate content, always verify the truthfulness of the generated content automatically, make sure that the AI models are only supportive, where possible, and do not completely replace the creative works but only the repetitive ones.

It is therefore important to have a precise behavioral model to prevent artificial intelligence from taking over, since the risks are real and the scenarios for the future are sometimes rather gloomy.

For example, the achievement of technological singularity in the field of automatic translations has already been foreseen in 2027, the year in which, according to some research, AI will be able to translate better than any human being.

Author: Stefania Tamberlani

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