Tecnoacquisti® has carried out the migration from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7.7.x of the e-commerce of Fratelli Taibi Sicilian Specialties. Fratelli Taibi since 1987 begins to produce Sicilian cheeses and pecorino, today it is an established gastronomic reality for specialties based on ricotta, pistachio and almond. From Arancini to Panettoni on Fratelli Taibi e-commerce you can find the best of Sicilian gastronomy.

A story of tradition and innovation made in Sicily

That of the Taibi brothers is a small family-run business that has developed over thirty years of history. It was born from the love for food, from the reverential closeness to tradition and from the respect for the land by a father who passed on his passion to his eight children. The company has now become a point of reference for all those who, be they indigenous or gourmet tourists, deeply love its native land: Sicily.

Today the brand of Fratelli Taibi - Ancient Sicilian Specialties has crossed the borders of the island to land in Italy, but not only. It is recognized as a certification of excellence also at an international level. A well-deserved fame, which is due to the meticulous attention paid to every detail, to the scrupulous control in all stages of processing, which always guarantees an unparalleled result, and obviously to the careful selection of raw materials, which represent the best the territory offers.

The philosophy that governs this family business celebrates the Sicilian tradition, remaining faithful to it and respecting the natural characteristics that make the raw materials used so unique and appreciated all over the world. At the same time, an innovative and creative vein gives a renewed vigor to all the products made by the Taibi brothers.

The kiosk stands alone in Castrofilippo, in the Agrigento area, in an apparently isolated place, but those who know it know that it becomes the scene of a spectacular experience for any customer. Here the colors, scents and flavors of a land that generously donates its treasures are celebrated. The green of the pistachio, the fresh fragrance of the orange blossom, the rich and enveloping taste of the ricotta reign supreme here, and are ready to warmly welcome every guest.

The unmissable delights of Sicily

Once at the kiosk, the customer will be received with all the kindness and honesty of the Taibi brothers, and will be able to choose what he prefers to taste from a vast range of products, ranging from sweet and savory. In fact, you can find not only the legendary arancini and the superb pecorino cheeses, but also the typical delicacies of Sicilian pastry, such as cannoli, cassata, brioches, ice creams and granitas, almond pastes and so on and so forth. To finish with the small delicacies that absolutely cannot be missed: jams of all kinds, an infinite variety of honey, candied citrus peel, and even sauces and condiments ready to taste.

The spirit of Sicily, marked by generosity and abundance, as well as the concreteness of authentic flavors, permeates every corner of the kiosk and every moment of the day, right from breakfast. In the morning, there is nothing better than indulging in a sumptuous brioche accompanied by granita, as the good Sicilian standard dictates.

Taibi Sicilian Pastry

Ricotta desserts have FINA ricotta cream, a real house specialty, as an irreplaceable ingredient. The control of the production process, from the first milking phase to the last, in which the finished product is obtained, ensures sweets with a delicate but full-bodied flavor, of a quality able to amaze anyone who tastes them, and at the same time made in the full compliance with all regulations.

Other protagonists are the so-called arangine, a reinterpretation of the classic arancino which is the result of research aimed at exalting the raw materials enclosed in a crunchy casing.

The incomparable experience of Sicilian delights: all its faces

But the possibilities do not end here: in view of the holiday periods, the Taibi brothers' workshop has perfect gift boxes to give a greedy Christmas or a delicious Easter, with excellent panettone or artisan doves. They can be chosen in their classic versions or in innovative variations which, at the same time, convey all the essence of Sicily. These products, of course, can be adequately accompanied with a cream of your choice, for example the pistachio one.

If, on the other hand, the special occasion is, for example, the birthday of a special person, you can opt for a cake. In addition to their incomparable flavor, the cakes of the Taibi brothers stand out for being real creations, works of art in which all the care and experience of true professionals has been poured into the garnish and care for the scenographic aspect.

Finally, if the intent is to bring home some Sicilian flavors, it is also possible to order comfortably online. The products will be delivered directly to the buyer's home in a very short time, perfectly packaged to keep intact all the qualities that make them unique, as if they had just come out of the store.

Whichever option you choose, enjoying these delicacies on site, at the kiosk, or at home with the whole family, the quality and the simple and genuine goodness of the products of the Taibi brothers will conquer anyone, speaking of a land incredibly rich in treasures and a family who made it his passion and his life. Ancient Sicilian Specialties has been able to grasp all those intense sensations that only Sicily can give, keeping traditions intact and combining the proximity to its roots with an innovative vision to highlight every nuance of these Italian excellences. Website: www.fratellitaibi.it

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