Show attached documents as icons with language filter [Module

Displaying attached documents as icons with the language filter in the product tab [PrestaShop Module 1.7]

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PrestaShop’s front-end has a very limited display of attachments that are difficult for the end user to see, and it does not allow for the sorting of attachments by language.

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Available in:
Version: 1.0.4 (20/10/2020)

Datasheet and documents

Module guide cod: ATT-002_it


This module allows you to display attachments in various positions on the product page (in addition to a custom position), activate a language filter and display only related attachments.


  • Displaying of attachments as an icon (PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, ZIP, etc.)
  • Selecting or customizing the position of the attachments on the product page
  • Previewing the attachments in .mp4 format, .pdf, .gif, .jpg and .png formats
  • Filtering attachments by language. You can set up one or more specific attachments for each language in your shop.

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Prestashop v. 1.7.X
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Italian and English


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