Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip
Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip
Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip
Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip
Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip
Gift Messages on Invoice and/or Delivery Slip

[PrestaShop 1.7] Gift Card and Customer Messages on Delivery Notes and/or Invoices.

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Includes the insertion of customer messages on Delivery Notes and invoices, the registration date, number of orders placed by the customer, whether the customer has requested gift wrapping and the message to be included on the card.

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Password: demodemo
Version: 1.0.4 (15/11/2021)


In e-commerce, attention to the preparation of orders is the most important step.

PrestaShop automatically allows the customer to include messages in their order and to request that the order be gift wrapped in addition to allowing a message to be written on a greeting card enclosed with the order. Unfortunately, this information is only accessible in the PrestaShop backend and is not highlighted.

It’s therefore all too easy to miss the customer's requests during order preparation.

Assistance with preparing orders and avoiding mistakes

This module solves this problem by displaying the customer's messages on the delivery note and/or invoice and also allows you to highlight whether it’s the customer’s first order or how many orders he/she has made. Many small merchants use the delivery note in preparing orders. It’s therefore important to include all information that can help fully satisfy the customer. Knowing whether it’s a customer’s first order and how long he/she has been registered is helpful for including potential merchandising material with the order and also is helpful in retaining the customer.

This module adds the following to the delivery notes and/or invoices:

  • Number of orders (excluding cancelled orders)
  • Customer registration date
  • Whether they have selected the GIFT WRAPPING and the message to write on the card
  • Customer messages sent in the order processing phase and any responses from the merchant
  • Order history messages from the customer or merchant after order creation

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Prestashop v. 1.7.X
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