Art Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]
Art Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]
Art Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]
Art Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]

Art Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]



The configuration of the module is very simple: just enter the API ID and Site ID provided by Iubenda (You can get a 10% discount) to immediately integrate all the service's functions. It will thus be possible to integrate the privacy policy, the cookie policy, and the cookies law banner if necessary, in a simple and intuitive way.

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Password: demodemo
Version: 1.0.6 (05/02/2021)

Datasheet and documents

Guide to Art Iubenda (IT) User Guide Art Iubenda Module PS


Integrating the text of a CMS

Iubenda allows for the integration of text from the privacy policy and cookies body into the body of any html page through the use of a JavaScript code. Unfortunately, it is not possible to integrate JS code directly into a PrestaShop CMS for security reasons. Via this module, it is possible to bypass this limit by inserting a simple HTML code into the CMS, which is permitted by PrestaShop.

Integrating Iubenda Widgets in PrestaShop

The insertion of Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy Widgets is very simple: select one of the many preset positions in the module (Widget Position drop-down menu), insert a new Hook position, and for maximum flexibility – where this is considered necessary – an HTML code to retrieve related Widgets.

To insert the text of the Privacy Policy, we insert the following HTML code:

  •         For the Privacy Policy: <div id="artiubenda-privacy"></div>
  •         For the Cookie Policy: <div id="artiubenda-cookie"></div>

Integrating the Widget via HTML code

You can also integrate the Iubenda Widget where desired using HTML code (as with integration into the CMS text). To do this, simply insert the following codes:

  •         For the Privacy Policy: <div class="artiubenda-widget-privacy"></div>
  •         For the  Cookie Policy: <div class ="artiubenda-widget-cookie"></div>

Activating Iubenda Banner Cookies Law

The module allows you to insert the Iubenda Banner Cookies Law: for this function, there is a module released by iubenda itself, but it does not pass PrestaShop validation. Activation is very easy: simply activate the Banner Cookies Law and insert the Site ID provided by Iubenda.  

PrestaShop Official GDPR compliance

If we use the official PrestaShop module for the GDPR, we can add Iubenda widgets to our personalised consent messages very easily.

Ap Builder Template (Leo Theme)

If you use a Leo theme or another theme based on Ap Page Builder, you can easily insert the Iubenda widget in the position you prefer.

One Page Checkout PS Module (easy, fast & intuitive)

The module substitutes the One Page Checkout popup with the Iubenda Privacy Policy widget. 

You can get a 10% discount on the Iubenda PRO service by registering through the following link

Product Details

Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X


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