Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang
Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang

Art Webmaster Tools Site Verification and Hreflang & Open Graph

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7 modules in 1: Art WebMaster Tools enables you to enter the verification tags of Google, Bing, Norton, Yandex and Mywot. It inserts the hreflang and canonical tags as well as Google Tag Manager, Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Pixel and Google Adwords Conversion. Art WebMaster Tools also generates the Apple Touch Icon and Favicon PNG.

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Guide to Art Webmaster (IT) Art Webmaster Guide (EN)


Art WebMaster Tools is a powerful tool that combines functions normally available only through the installation of multiple modules in a single module. It was created from a Web Agency need to centralize the main configurations necessary for the proper functioning of ecommerce in a single interface.

Traffic Optimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines

It improves the visibility by registering your e-commerce to Google, Norton, Yadex, MyWot and Bing for search results analysis and helps search engines to recognize various languages of your store by using tag hreflang. Minimize the problem of duplicate content with the tag canonical. Simply enter Google Tag Manager, Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords conversion tags. To improve local and international SEO. 

GDPR [RGPD 2016/679]

Art WebMaster Tools integrates the ability to block tracking tags (Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager) and record explicit consent for the acceptance of cookies as indicated by EU Cookie Law and the GDPR regulation [RGPD 2016/679]. The GDPR function is compatible with the majority of the Cookies Law modules, although we recommend the use of our PrestaShop module: [FREE] Art Banner Cookiechoices (Eu Cookie Law).

On 25 May 2018 the dreaded new privacy regulation (GDPR EU 2016/679) will come into force. We therefore decided to insert a feature that, independently of this legislation, had been in the pipeline for some time. Using this Art WebMaster Tools feature complies with the new legislation and provides feedback on SEO optimization.

By disabling tracking tags that include JS from external sources (which are often not optimized) in our ecommerce, we can reduce the time it takes search engines bots to upload pages. Not accepting the cookies law banner will not permit such uploading. This extra feature offers another advantage: it only records real visits that have been made by human beings.

The Do Not Track function is very simple: just enable it and the tracking tags configured in Art WebMaster Tools will be disabled for users who set their browsers to not wanting their navigation to be followed.

Apple Touch Icon

Not a day passes in which we do not receive requests to create an APP for iPhone and Android from customers whose mobile phones are apparently already optimized for ecommerce. In most cases, the requests actually relate to connecting the customer’s ecommerce icon to the home screen of their mobile phone.

Simply enable the "Enable the Touch Icon" and fill in the required fields. Then upload the PNG image and save. Art WebMaster Tools implements a function that enables you to create a Touch Icon starting from a PNG image of at least 500x500px.

Through the service at we can verify the correct insertion of the PNG icon for iOS Safari (iPhon, iPad, iPod, etc.), Android and Windows 8 and 10.

Tweets Cards

Using Twitter Cards is a popular 'trick' adopted by bloggers who want to increase both the number of visitors to their site and the number of their social media followers. The cards can be useful for ecommerce as well. Twitter Cards are closely linked to the sites and to the publication of posts on them. Through the Art WebMaster Tools OPEN GRAPH Tab we can enable Tweets Card to improve sharing on Twitter. To do this, simply select: “Tweets Cards.”

How fast does Google detect new hreflang implementations and refresh them on Google's Search Console?
It depends on how often Google crawls your site and on how big your website is (how many URLs). So it may take several days or months. It could help to use "crawl as Google". To speed up the times.
Features: It is not necessary to be connected to FTP and modify the file to insert verification codes:
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Generate the hreflang tags automatically with the correct regional language codes
  • Hreflang implementation supporting different languages and / or region
  • Automatically prepares a global default (x-default) tag
  • Add Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • GTM Google Analytics E-commerce Statistic
  • Add Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Add Facebook Pixel and Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Apple Touch Icon
  • TweetS Cards
  • Open graph support for CMS and Leo Blog Module
  • Compatible with: Multilingual
  • Compatible with: Multishop*
*) The implementation of the Hreflang Tag in a multinational configuration is restricted to individual stores and the languages configured on each of them. If you use a multistore configuration to separate a B2B from a B2C, you will not have any problems, however if you use the multistore configuration to create a store in English and then one in Italian (or more stores by language) you will not be able to create rel = "alternate" tags between the various stores, but only between the languages of an individual store.

Product Details

Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X


Reviews (5)

Questo modulo mi ha permesso di sistemare tante piccole pecche del sito. Funziona benissimo ed è ideale per chi vuole utilizzare tag manager di google senza comprare tanti moduli. Ottima scelta voto 10+

ottimo modulo
Fà davvero bene il suo lavoro, molto professionali e gentili gli sviluppatori a risolvere eventuali problematiche di setting. Saluti da WISP.STORE.

Ottimo modulo
Ottimo modulo che permette di gestire adwords, google manager tag, facebook pixel e molto altro in un unico modulo.

Nuova versione è veramente migliorata
È un anno che usavo la vecchia versione, la nuova versione è veramente migliorata, ho apprezzato l’aggiunta degli open graph, una volta configurati la condivisione dei link su facebook è corretta.

I would recommend this product.
L’installazione e configurazione sono state semplicissime, buon modulo.

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