Pacchetto Migrazione a PrestaShop 1.7.X

Pacchetto Migrazione a PrestaShop 1.7.X

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Migration from old PrestaShop versions to PrestaShop 1.7.X with optimization, professional template and ecommerce restyling.

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Not a simple update

Upgrading from previous versions to the new 1.7.X is very complex, the solution that requires less work and brings the best results is the migration of data from the old version 1.6.X to a new ecommerce in PrestaShop 1.7.X. Included in the migration is PrestaShop optimization in order to reduce loading times and make ecommerce more responsive.

This allows us to make the down time almost nil, thus allowing you not to lose any sales. Your ecommerce will be completely renewed, optimized and will have a professional look.

Ecommerce SEO monitoring and support

PrestaShop 1.7 does not make major changes to the URLs, it is still necessary to monitor the ecommerce, so at the end of the work we offer 3 months of technical support and SEO positioning monitoring.

Creation of a new PrestaShop 1.7 instance

The first phase of the project is the creation of a real new ecommerce, with the installation of a new instance and its configuration. The new installation will be placed during the configuration, installation and test phase on our servers optimized for PrestaShop, this in order to operate without problems and give the customer the opportunity to evaluate our hosting plans, at the end of the work so you can choose to stay on our servers by transferring the domain or migrating everything to your current server / hosting.

Professional Warehouse template installation and customization

Once the new e-commerce is created in PrestaShop, the professional Warehouse template will be installed in the latest version available, configured and customized based on the graphic aspect of your current e-commerce.

Installation of updated versions of modules in use and support modules

The migration includes a package of support modules, including our Art Web Master Tools and a module to manage 301, 302, 303 Redirects in order not to lose indexing.

Where available, the new updated versions for PrestaShop 1.7 of the modules in use will be installed, for the paid modules the purchase of any updates to be quoted separately is not included.  Any modules for which the version for PrestaShop 1.7 is not available, the alternatives will be identified, for the Arte e Informatica modules ( the update is included in the migration.

First data migration

The categories, products and combinations, customers and orders will be imported. The import also includes the CMS pages. Where possible, the data of the third-party modules in use will be important.

Import exclusions

Statistics data will not be imported, that is the tables: ps_guest, ps_page_viewed, ps_search_index, ps_connections_page, ps_connetions and ps_statssearch. This is to start with a new clean situation, these tables accumulate a huge amount of data, almost completely useless and are the primary source of PrestaShop performance degradation , by similarity they are like the windows system registry, but of no real use. We recommend disabling these surveys by relying on external statistical systems such as Google Analytics and server log files.

Ecommerce Optimization and Check Up

At the end of the data migration we will perform an optimization and configuration of PrestaShop to achieve optimal performance and regeneration of the images of products, manufacturers and categories. All tests will be carried out to verify that there are no problems and that the ecommerce is ready to go into production.

Maintenance of the e-commerce in production

Your current ecommerce will be placed under maintenance for the time necessary for data synchronization and transfer / redirection.

Final data synchronization

We will import new customers, products and orders and data that were not present at the first import. The new site will then be ready to replace the old one.

Transfer and production of the new e-commerce

It remains to transfer everything to the new site, here you can open two possibilities for new customers:

  1. the first is to transfer the new ecommerce from our servers to your hosting / server and configure it to respond to your domain. In this case, your Ecommerce will remain offline for three to five hours.
  2. The second possibility is to stay on our servers, carry out a 302 redirect directly from the old ecommerce to the new one, immediately returning to operation and then migrate the domain and configure PrestaShop to respond to the same, with the advantage of reducing the downtime to almost zero. or not to miss a single sale.

If you opt to stay on our servers you will have the following advantages :

  • First 3 months free.
  • Extension of support to 12 months.

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