[Link Building] Article Manager in Blog Generalisti pacchetto base

[Link Building] Article Manager in Blog Generalisti pacchetto base



Editing of 5 (five) original 500 word thematic articles with dofollow link insertion. Manual posting of articles on good quality generalist blogs of our partners.

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Link Building is an SEO activity aimed at increasing the number of quality links entering your ecommerce. The aim is to increase the popularity of ecommerce in the eyes of search engines, especially with regard to google.

Why Is Good Link Building Important?

The algorithm underlying Google makes ranking the fomental pillar of its method of evaluating a website. So it is one of the fundamental parameters on which google decides the position in the SERP index for a keyword. Unlike ecommerce internal SEO texts and optimizations, external links are the only external element that you can no longer control. Link Building is an activity that must be carried out professionally and above all manually, as Google today, with a few automatic checks, is able to recognize whether the links are natural or not. Incorrect link building can even lead to a deterioration and penalization of the website. Proper link building allows you to make a difference.

The Link Building service includes:

  • Drafting of 5 original 500-word articles for product, brand, service or ecommerce promotion.
  • Manual posting of articles in good quality generalist blogs of our partners.

To make everything as natural as possible we will create / publish an article every 3/4 days for this the delivery time is 10/15 days.

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