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A convivial moment par excellence, the barbecue in the past rhymed with summer. Today, the most advanced models allow it to be set up inside as well. In recent years, the barbecue equipment market has experienced unprecedented expansion, driven by a clear high-end movement.
As a result, e-commerce has exploded. Barbecue Weber Shop by Enrico Montanari is the reference point for the Weber brand for Italy. Thanks to over ten years of experience in the barbecue sector, the company ensures professionalism, competence, quality and after-sales assistance.

Barbecue vs grill: what a difference

The difference between barbecue and grill is in the cover: the barbecue has a lid, the grill does not.
The lid gives the barbecue a culinary versatility that grills do not have. For example, barbecues can function like a charcoal oven for deeper preparation - this cooking mode is the best option for cooking large cuts to perfection.

The lid also allows the food to acquire a smokier flavor and aroma: while with grills, in fact, the smoke rises, in barbecues, thanks to the lid, it remains in contact with food for longer. Finally, the cover facilitates the stopping of the device, as it protects the embers and wood from the wind, thus preventing sparks from flying and causing unwanted fires. In short, with grills, it is always recommended to extinguish the embers with water. With barbecues, simply close the lid and enjoy a leisurely meal.


Which barbecue to choose?

The word barbecue is synonymous with joyful moments, gathered around the fire with friends and family, to enjoy succulent grilled meats ... But how to choose the right equipment? Barbecue Weber Shop offers a wide selection of barbecues for all tastes.

Whether you are looking for a gas, electric, pellet or coal model, you will be spoiled for choice and you can take advantage of the advice of professionals who will show you the best solution for your needs.

A quality choice

Barbecue Weber Shop specializes in the online sale of barbecues and planche from the best brand on the market: Weber. The catalog is enriched every year with new products and BBQ models.

The name Weber has been synonymous with grilling for decades. It became famous for its unique kettle grills, but has since expanded its offering, which today includes larger grills and different power systems. The Weber range includes barbecues in every price range.
All Weber grids have essential elements that make up the original configuration of the devices.

The lid and bowl are made of steel and coated with enamel, which allows the appliance to heat up to higher temperatures.
Barbecue Weber Shop is the best address to buy a barbecue online. The business was born on a solid basis: the passion of its founder who, over time, has won the trust of the Weber brand, becoming a privileged distributor for Italy.

Same day shipping

Reliability and speed are the characteristics of Barbecue Weber Shop, which also offers a quality service on the shipping front.

All items in the online store are actually already available in stock and are shipped in real time, ensuring delivery within 24/48 hours. Least but not last, the quality of the after-sales assistance service, characterized by the wide availability and competence.

Website: barbecuewebshop.it

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