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Professional management of the Facebook company page, to increase visibility and create engagement. The fan page for an ecommerce is a fundamental point both to provide customer service and to present your products and their characteristics.

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Importance of social media for companies

In marketing, the importance of social media for companies plays a fundamental role. To date, advertising products and services through social networks is one of the main tools for reaching increasingly targeted audiences. What are the most used platforms, and how does the tracking of user preferences by search engines work? In this short guide we will analyze the salient aspects of a phenomenon in continuous growth and of crucial importance for contemporary companies, regardless of the product sector to which they belong.

The network of contacts and the main social media of the moment

Among the most powerful benefits of the presence of companies on social networks is the possibility of creating and expanding the network of contacts. A famous American saying in the field of marketing says Gold is in the list, or Gold is in the list. And, for the experts, that's right. The catchment area that Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok include is constantly expanding and allows thousands of views by a very large part of the public.

As for Facebook, there is no need for introduction: the social network par excellence, despite its ups and downs, has evolved so much in recent years that it is now one of the main advertising and sales platforms in the world.

Sponsored ads, groups, videos and business resources: Facebook provides companies with services for placing and managing advertisements, customer groups and potential buyers, in a simple and effective way. Even Instagram, which feeds on images, reels and videos, allows small, medium and large businesses to reach a varied audience segment through targeted advertisements, accompanied by photos and videos, links that connect to more information on products and services and many other resources.

Marketing also makes use of social networks such as Tik Tok, the currently most famous application for creating and sharing videos and other multimedia content. This tool is fresh, immediate and full of imaginative options: there is nothing better, then, than using a platform so loved, especially by young people under 30, to advertise their products and acquire new customers every day.

Tik Tok has a section in which to develop advertising campaigns, with a low budget and a familiar interface. One of the elements that unites Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok is the ability to reach a highly personalized audience and constantly monitor the performance achieved.

How the tracking of user preferences on the web works: general overview

Browsing the web and applications by users around the world, on the one hand, provides an almost infinite series of information for searchers. On the other hand, the search engines, with Google in the first position, outline a tracking of user preferences, through a complex procedure of data mapping.

Who hasn't noticed that, after searching for a seaside resort with its budget for flights and hotels, they subsequently viewed offers from tourist centers in the same area on their Instagram page?
The dynamics take place according to algorithms with which the public's searches on products and services determine, for companies, a tracking of consumer orientation on the net. This will make it easier to group ads into user categories and optimize performance based on initial advertising investments.
From the point of view of potential buyers, they will receive proposals as customized as possible, or tailor-made, which meet the demand of the moment.
Speaking of marketing through social media, we do not only mean advertisements with videos and images, but also explanatory or in-depth content concerning a topic related to a specific category of goods and services.
Returning to the example of travel, some tour operators and intermediaries provide selected users with free resources, including useful travel tips, cooking guides or artistic itineraries that can be undertaken in a specific itinerary.
Since social networks represent a tool used by most people, of all ages, companies have the concrete power to reach massive amounts of potential customers and, at the same time, rationalize the target as much as possible.

Cost-benefit ratio: why use social networks in marketing

The assumption of the success of an advertising campaign by a company is that it uses it to the fullest.
The choice and care of the contents, in this regard, is fundamental. Well written and absolutely error free texts; faithful images of the products and detailed information on the services offered: these are the basic rules for developing an effective marketing strategy that can win the trust of customers.
Thinking about an advertising campaign, there are not only private customers, but also business customers.
And, from this point of view, social networks represent a turning point in the various sectors of competence, because they have largely replaced some events in presence and shortened distances, cutting bureaucracy and problems related to full agendas and logistical difficulties.
Additionally, buyers always research online before making purchases. Previously, the main form of contact with potential suppliers was indispensable, now the vast majority of information is available online.
This saves a significant amount of time and money, which can be spent on staff training, raising sales standards, and other medium- and long-term goals.

Brand reputation and monitoring of company performance on social media

Social media, if used correctly, can really contribute significantly to building and maintaining brand reputation and brand awareness.
Brand reputation is the perception that the public, other companies and, in general, others have of the business reality involved.
Through a network of contacts, made up of customers and suppliers, who express satisfaction and esteem towards the company over time, it is possible to cement, day after day, its digital reputation (obviously, this also applies in reverse, but unfortunately with timing much shorter). Brand awareness, on the other hand, represents the most intimate identity of a company, which starts from its own members and develops in relations with the outside world.
Social media are a very powerful means to create and consolidate both elements, with a synergy of human and digital resources.

Contemporary companies and the relationship with social media

The crucial importance of social networks for modern companies lies in the fact that they can reach millions of users with a few and reasoned moves.
Clearly, content processing requires commitment and channeling of resources in a strategic and intelligent way, but the investments for advertising campaigns through social networks are much lower than the so-called traditional methods, with important economic and image returns.
This is why, to date, companies that exploit social media with commitment and humility are able to breach the hearts of customers and those who will soon become so.

The offer includes: Social pages management; Identification and contact Influencer

The offer does not include: Sponsorships and paid ADV campaigns

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