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The module allows customers to see product availability, and customers can also request notification when the product becomes available again.

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Compatibility Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X

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ProductivityImprove catalog management

The Prestashop Mail Alerts (email alert) module does not offer the ability to view availability requests (Alert me when available) made by the customer.  This module integrates the viewing of requests made through PrestaShop's Mail alerts (email alert) to know the number of requests for outdated products and find the email which the customers sent, in order to alert them when the products become available again.
Through this module, the owner has the ability to view the number of requests made for products which are no longer available in the catalogue, and thus rapidly reorganise the most depleted products which are most requested by their customers. You can also view and copy emails sent by both registered and non-registered customers in order to send them a proposal for an alternative to the product which they have requested.
Displays the list of product availability requests of the product and variants, grouped by number of received requests.
  • Allows searching for specific requests based on product name and / or product reference and / or product combination reference.
  • Allows you to sort requests by: number of requests and / or product name and / or product ID and / or attribute ID, etc.
  • Allows you to filter requests based on product status: Active / Disabled.
  • Allows you to view emails sent by customers to be notified as the product becomes available again.


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Extends support for a PrestaShop module of your choice for an additional 12 months from the date of purchase. If purchased together with a free module, the same support is still available.

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