Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità
Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità
Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità
Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità
Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità
Modulo creazione pacchetti quantità

[Prestashop module 1.7] Creation of product quantity packages (quantity discounts)

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Ideal for the sale of multiples of boxes / cartons / packages of products, such as coffee pods or capsules, soft drinks ... it facilitates the purchase of multiple packages, displaying to the customer the price (with quantity discount / specific prices) and the quantity of products purchased example 300 pcs. , 6Kg, 6 liters.

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Password: demodemo
Version: Ver. 1.1.2 (14/11/2021)


Update ver. 1.0.6 - bug fix free shipping on list product
Update ver. 1.1.0 - extended compatibility with PrestaShop and optimization.
Update ver. 1.1.2 - ability to customize colors

1. Configure the module

The configuration of the "Product purchase packages by quantity" module is very simple, the first step is to go to:

Enhance -> Forms -> Forms Manager

And click on: "Configure"

We will be able to choose the position where to view the description and buttons add to cart for packages, both in the category list and on the product sheet. There are two custom locations that you can add to the template's TPL.

Free Shipping: we can decide to display free shipping, in three ways:

  • Using the native PrestaShop management
  • By indicating a value in euros from which shipping is free
  • By selecting a product feature that indicates starting from how many packs the shipping is free.

Modes 2 and 3 require an additional module to manage the selected shipping rules.

2. Create the quantity discount

Once the module has been installed and configured, we can configure any product as a quantity discount package. The first thing to do is to configure the specific prices for the product.

In addition to the quantity from which the discount starts, the specific price must also indicate the price net of VAT of the single product. By deselecting the item "Leave the initial price".

In the example above, the package price will be 6 x 8.00 = 48.00 euros + VAT

3. Configure the package

As seen in point 2, it is the normal PrestaShop functionality in the management of quantity discounts, to create the product package we must go to the modules tab of the product insertion / modification window.

Then click on "Configure" to enter the settings screen relating to the product we are editing.

Just fill in the relevant fields and save the product. The unit name is nothing more than the label and the quantity is the number of products contained in the single package.

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Prestashop v. 1.7.X

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