Hosting Ottimizzato

Hosting Ottimizzato

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30 days of Plesk Dedicated Server rental and up to 4 (four) hours of PrestaShop technical support per month. With the Managed service we will take care of all the system management for you, you will still have access via SSH and to the control panel of your server. The main difference with other solutions also lies in the PrestaShop assistance , while other solutions only care that the server responds correctly and is reachable, our solutions include the resolution of problems related to the CMS.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.

100% secure payments


Intel Xeon D-1520 - 4 / 8t - 2.6GHz server with 32Gb of DDR4 ECC RAM and 2x2TB SoftRaid or similar.
VRack 100Mbps private network (1Gb esp.) And 500GB of FTP backup space
Guaranteed bandwidth of 250Mbits
with Brust up to 1Gbps

* SoftRaid configuration uses multiple disks to ensure greater data security.

Up to 30 *
1000 Mbps
Disk space
Monthly traffic
up to 256 *
Operating system
CPU Core / Thread
4c / 8t
Control Panel
Managed Support
PrestaShop assistance
advanced *
  • Plesk Web Pro Edition up to 30 domains , you can purchase upgrades to the Web Host Edition version to manage infinite domains. License upgrade can also be done after purchase.
  • Additional IPs : you can associate up to 256 Failover IPs, with no monthly fees. You will only be billed 9.90 euros per IP for installation and configuration costs. The IPs can be geolocated, so you can install on the same server one or more Italian IPs or one or more French, German IPs, etc.
  • Access to Error Logs and Access
  • Free DV SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt , possibility to install OV and EV SSL certificates.
  • Anti-DDoS Pro protection included.

Zero Thoughts Disaster recovery

It is a technical form of insurance that covers cases in which it is necessary to restore the entire ecommerce or in the event that your shop is targeted by spammers and / or subjected to cyber attacks that compromise its functionality. Zero Thoughts insurance covers technical intervention by a certified developer until the problem is completely resolved.

Disaster recovery technical insurance covers only 1 ecommerce / domain for accidents occurring after the subscription of the service. The assistance is only in Italian and subject to verification by our technicians. The following are expressly excluded from the services and performances: transfer of software, consumables, hardware materials of any kind.

Timing of intervention

The timing of the intervention will take place within 18 hours (working) from the request, from 10:00 to 20:00 (Italy time zone) holidays and holidays are excluded, it will still be possible to receive remote assistance beyond this limitation in the form of extraordinary interventions and urgent.


Web Agencies that sign a Zero Thoughts contract with Arte e Informatica in addition to technical assistance on PrestaShop, will receive a 10% discount on all modules and services sold on

Product Details

Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X
Ubicazione servizio:
Phone support language:
Email support language:
Italian and English
Minimum subscription
6 months
Daily for a Domain
Dropbox Backup
Possible on your account

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