There is an urban legend that has been around for a long time, which claims that the choice of the CMS affects the positioning in the SERP , or that choosing WooCommerce instead of PrestaShop or other ecommerce platform, can somehow affect visibility. Nothing could be more false in reality, and now Google's John Mueller intervenes to unravel the doubts about this fake. The choice of the CMS is to be carried out only on the basis of your needs and skills, many agencies prefer WordPress because they know it better and above all because there is more documentation being more widespread. The choice has no technical basis, and is dictated more by how well one CMS is known than another. We have already addressed this topic in this article: What are the ecommerce of famous brands that use PrestaShop?

ASK Googlebot on YouTube: “there is no difference between one CMS and another”.

This is a question that novice SEO Specialists often ask, even if I have heard this argument from established SEO agencies, perhaps to actually push clients to more familiar CMS. In the ASK Googlebot episode on YouTube, Google's John Mueller answers clearly, making it clear that there is no difference between one CMS and another.

" there is no difference between one CMS and another ". [John Mueller]

The hypothesis that WordPress is the best CMS for SEO is rooted, but as John Muller points out (and as I had already noted in the past), search engines take care of the final result, the one shown to visitors and not what happens in the backend, a CMS is not considered a ranking factor . In the past, choosing a CMS could help a non-expert user, but today they are all the same.

Mueller also added that as far as he knows, all traditional CMSs can create pages that perform well in search. And that SEO is not magic . There are many testing tools and for the average site owner, they all work well for SEO or can be easily optimized via plugins. I am in full agreement with John Mueller. Not only as an agency we have performed many migrations from WooCommerce to PrestaShop , and by intervening on optimization, correcting some errors and doing some SEO activity, the situation in SERP indexing has always improved, but not because PrestaShop is superior to WooCommerce in this sector, but because our experience has intervened. In fact, it is the experience and skills that make the difference, not the tool, this is true in every sector and you will have already experienced it in your personal life, for example by changing cars.

I hope that John Mueller's answer will put an end to this urban legend.

Author: Loris Modena


Per Ind Loris Modena , owner of Arte e Informatica , he began working in the IT sector in 1989 as a system engineer in charge of the maintenance and installation of IT systems. He started programming for the web in 1997 dealing with CGI programming in PERL and then moving on to programming in PHP and JavaScript. In this period he approaches the Open source world and the management of Linux servers.

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