How many resources should a company allocate for effective Web Marketing?

For every company on the market, as well as for an e-commerce, regardless of which business it is, it is essential to be present online. Building an effective brand identity, capable of creating a distinctive and recognizable trait by the target audience is one of the activities in which small, medium and large companies should be engaged. In fact, web marketing is the only tool capable of making the best use of the network and all the opportunities it offers. Today, a website is no longer enough, to effectively affirm a corporate brand, you need to think more broadly, alongside traditional marketing with other online sponsorship activities.

Why a company should consider the idea of relying on a Web Agency

Conceiving, designing and implementing an effective Web communication plan is not easy. It is necessary to integrate different skills and abilities such as SEO, content creation, Social Media, techniques to increase Web traffic, email marketing ... Several professionals work in a Web Marketing agency: the web project manager who is responsible for coordinating, organizing and monitoring the progress of the project; the web developer who is responsible for the development of web applications; the web and graphic designer who, working with both text and images, takes care of the graphic aspect and defines the appropriate layout for each specific project; the web writer and the social media manager who is entrusted with the task of creating ad hoc content for the target audience and, finally, the SEO and / or SEM consultant who is responsible for optimizing and indexing web content. to what one might think, therefore, choosing and relying on a good Web Marketing agency is not an excessive investment. In fact, when making an assessment of this type, it is necessary to take into account both the multiplicity of services offered and the ROI (Return on Investment) or how much the capital invested in advertising campaigns returns as income.

A tool of Web Marketing: The media marketing partner

Social media are virtual spaces where users have the opportunity to exchange their ideas, obtain information, read reviews of products, services, places they are interested in. Social media marketing is a specific marketing technique that uses the opportunities offered by social media and web applications. A good SMM strategy, capable of generating engagement and social sharing of content, is a good method to increase the popularity of a company, a brand and an e-commerce. Each company, thanks to the social media and App communities, can offer video content, text, images, generating interaction between the company and its target audience. Through "likes", comments, and sharing it is possible to generate greater loyalty and word of mouth.

The advantages of Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the activities of SMM, it is possible to monitor and increase customer satisfaction and the loyalty of one's audience. Furthermore, through the SEO optimization techniques it is possible to increase the web traffic of the site and / or the social page, consequently improving the positioning on all search engines. All these aspects will contribute to creating a good and popular brand reputation.

Instagram: one of the most used social media.

Instagram, with its one billion active users, is one of the most used social media in the world and its use and diffusion are constantly growing. Every day millions of contents are posted, viewed, shared by private and business users.
With this data, it is immediately clear how important it is for companies and e-commerce to effectively create and manage their Instagram profile. Among active users, about 80% in fact seem to follow at least one business profile and, about a third of the direct users who get a greater view, are precisely those created by commercial profiles.

Instagram for business: the business account.

By creating a company account, it is possible to add to the basic activities some features specially created to monitor and maximize the visibility of an Instagram profile.
Let's see them in detail:

  • Insights: through the Insights it is possible to know precisely the characteristics of your audience. The Insights in fact return a clear vision of their followers (age, sex, country of origin and times of the day in which they are most active). Thanks to this data it is therefore possible to create "targeted" contents and share them when a greater number of users are online.
  • Ability to insert links to stories and Direct : considering the influence of stories and Direct, the opportunity to add a link allows you to establish a faster contact between the company and its followers.
  • Instagram Ads : with Instagram Ads it is possible to create advertising content specifically designed to reach the target audience.
  • Call-to-action buttons: as well as the links inserted in the stories and in the direct, these features (call and send a message) guarantee a better interaction with your followers.
  • Sponsorship of posts : Another interesting feature for company profiles is to create and share sponsored posts in order to increase the number of views of the profile.
  • Instagram Marketing : a good Instagram Marketing strategy is therefore able to increase the web reputation of a brand, a company and an e-commerce site.

You just need to know in depth what the right tools are and learn how to use them to the fullest.
The goal is to gain popularity, increase and involve an ever-increasing number of folowers, sharing interesting and quality content.
As with all other Web Marketing activities, if you want to make the most of the potential of Instagram and use it for business purposes, the ideal is always to rely on experienced professionals.
Again, a good Web Marketing agency should be able to best support all sponsorship projects on this application.

Author: Alessio Hocevar

Alessio Hocevar


Dr. Alessio Hocevar our expert SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization), graduated in Communication Sciences and Technologies, also deals with copywriting, e-mail marketing and Video marketing. Google Ads Fundamentals Certified, Google Shopping.

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