With this article we begin a series of events dedicated to promoting your business via the Internet. Since I moved from Trento to Rome in 2008, my main activity has been to provide consultancy to companies that were interested in getting the most out of their Internet presence. The crisis we are experiencing has prompted many companies to invest in less expensive advertising channels that guarantee a greater return on investment. In this first appointment we will compare the old, polluting and annoying leafleting with similar tools that the network can offer.

  • Professional Graphic Studio about € 300.00;
  • 20,000 A5 F / N color flyers approx. € 300.00;
  • Distribution with coverage 85% * 300.00

*) cost for a widespread distribution of 20,000 paper flyers carried out in a large city such as Rome and Milan varies from 0.022 to a maximum of 0.030 euros (in the provinces the price is between 0.0030 to 0.0036)

Total investment to distribute 20,000 flyers approximately euro: 900.00 .

A well thought out flyer campaign with flyers created by experts, has a maximum yield of 3%, which is very optimistic, if the product is mass produced (groceries, mobile phones, etc.). Therefore, by spending € 900 to create and distribute 20,000 flyers, we would have a maximum return of 600 contacts (not sales) and a cost of € 1.5 for each additional request for information on our products / services. As mentioned, 3% is a very high figure, if the product / service is niche or the flyer is poorly studied, we can drop to a value of less than 1%. therefore in most cases we will have about 200 contacts at a cost of 4.5 euros / each. one. Furthermore, if the distributor does not comply with all the regulations, such as notifying the prefecture, we could also receive a hefty fine as a customer.

If the flyer is made at the entrance of an event and / or inside a shopping center through the use of Hostess, the cost is similar, but the yield is much worse. If you happen to come across some beautiful girl who distributes flyers at the entrance of a fair and / or cinema, stop and observe what happens as soon as people have received the flyer and passed it, first basket available ... center. This is the end of more than 97% of the flyers you have so carefully printed. So much so that by law today it is necessary to affix, in addition to what is established by article 1 of law no. 375/1939, also the symbol "recyclable" and "throw in the trash".

The situation on the Internet is very different, where there are many substitutes for flyers: Mailing lists, electronic flyers, Google Adwords and Facebook. Flying over the first two systems that have various problems, the best yield is certainly that offered by Adwords, in this case the advertising is reversed, that is, we are not the ones who propose our products / services to a specific target, but it is those who are looking for such products. and services via the search engine to find us. It is a huge advantage, as our advertising appears only and only to interested people. Let's see a practical example with a NCC cooperative, in this case it is a worldwide campaign (which is impossible with flyers) in the first 15 days of December 2011 at a cost of € 266.00 10,743 advertising messages were published on Google , seen by users who searched for the keywords set (eg "taxi ciampino", "shuttle Rome" etc.), 4.78% of those who saw the advertisement clicked to find out more, or 514 contacts were obtained at a cost of 0.52 euros per contact, 170 of these contacts asked for information and 24 of them immediately booked the rental service with driver. Another advantage emerges compared to flyers, we can have precise data not only on how many read and interact with our advertising message, but also on how many through it buy the product / service. Practically the Adwords campaign cost about 1.5 euros for each conversion, in the practical example shown it is a service that interests tourists who come from abroad or from outside Rome, and not of general interest.

Another valid system is definitely Facebook, where you can create a page for a product / service or for your business and promote it very selectively, for example to promote a book you can create a FanPage on Facebook and create a campaign to promote it. , selecting precisely the target or addressing exclusively to people who live in Italy, who are over 16 years old and who are interested in or registered in a movement close to the positions covered in the book. For an increase in the sales of products and services, however, nothing beats Gooole today, whether it is a simple Adwords campaign or a painstaking SEO optimization job. Obviously in this case it is also necessary to invest in a highly professional website.

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