Web marketing: data and statistics on the use of Facebook

Web marketing, or online advertising, represents for many companies a real springboard to expand on the market. Just think of the numbers of users who daily consult the main social networks: the data collected in 2018 speak of 3 billion active profiles in the world, with an increase of 13% compared to the previous year.

In Italy the results are even clearer as they attest to 34 million users on the main social media. If we consider that about 73% of the Italian population is online and there is an average annual growth of 3% of new social subscribers, it is clear how fundamental it is to reconsider web marketing for one's business strategy. And Facebook doesn't let itself be talked about in terms of estimates, ratings and statistics. Despite being a social network not exactly loved by young people (under 24) in recent years, the profiles that could be reached in 2018 were approximately 31 million. Of these 2/3 have visited the social network on a daily basis using computers and tablets, but what is surprising is the connection on the move through the use of smartphones. In this case there are on average 24 million users who connected on Facebook during the day against a population of 29 million who did so at least monthly.

And again. Facebook, although it seems to be outclassed by other younger social networks and within everyone's reach, turns out to be among the first platforms in the world of organic reach (i.e. the number of people who come into contact with profiles, groups and company pages using the social network) and engagement (i.e. interactions between users and the owner of the profile or page), all at almost reduced costs. Despite a decline in the use of social media in recent years, Facebook still remains the third most '' atypical '' search engine used by the internet population after Google and Youtube. In fact, there are many users who, to search for information on restaurants, shops and commercial activities of various kinds, rely once again on the Facebook platform immediately after consulting the main portals in the sector. Why this trend? The answer is simple: Facebook is a showcase that allows you to interact, communicate, review and reach potential customers by investing little money and exploiting the potential of social media marketing.

Why many businesses choose Facebook for their social media marketing

The data listed above are used to understand the potential that the Facebook social network represents for many companies. Despite being a platform that is not very popular with millennials (young people under the age of 24), registered users cover an age group ranging from 25 to 45, with a strong representation of people under the age of 35. The twenty-year period 25 - 45 represents, for almost all companies, a resource of consumers with a strong purchasing power: the probability that these users will become potential customers over time is high, if not concrete. Unlike the under 24 and over 45, users between the ages of 25 and 45 are nothing more than workers (employees or self-employed), generally single or cohabiting, most of the time couples or young families who use the web as purchasing channel for the main consumer goods. If we consider that even in online purchases the trends by age group are similar to those for the use of social Facebook, we have that digital consumers are mostly 35 - 44 years old, followed by 25 - 34 years old, with use of e-commerce at least once a month.

The reasons why Facebook allows it to be a valid web marketing platform are different and certainly not limited to its simple use. According to experts, the platform allows, even before the main sector portals, to interact with customers not only by issuing feedback or using Messenger (also used to request information directly from the company), but also with the possibility of retain potential consumers also with incentives such as the collection of points and the fidelity card to obtain attractive promotions. In other words, a company could do online what it generally promotes within its store, by procuring customers simply by signing up on its page.

Further validity of Facebook for companies is given by the investment in advertising, certainly very convenient compared to mass media channels such as radio, magazines and television commercials. If the costs for traditional marketing can even reach five zeros, an investment of a few hundred euros per month would be enough on Facebook to obtain greater visibility than, for example, a print magazine. Thanks to the sponsorship campaigns designed by web agencies (whose purpose is to channel potential customers through targeted and effective advertising) and the possibility of choosing the type of customer (whether B2B or B2C), costs vary based on different parameters. which usually do not exceed 10 euros per potential customer in the business category.

When to choose Facebook for a company's web marketing

Facebook features are numerous compared to as many social networks that boast a fairly large population of users. Unlike platforms dedicated exclusively to the publication of messages or photographs (which, mind you, could represent the preferential way to show the products and services of a brand) Facebook lends itself to being versatile due to the different potentials contained within it. . Not only the creation of pages (reserved for companies, while the profiles are dedicated to individuals) and groups, but also the possibility of micro-blogging, posting photos of their products, connecting other social networks that the company he decided to take advantage of. Facebook allows you to be contacted by potential customers, to provide information on your business, to advertise your company website and to channel the preferences expressed by users of social networks. You can promote events, insert a chatbot to answer the company's FAQs, create groups of followers with badges recognized for the most active fans.

From the Facebook Business page you can understand when the platform can represent a web marketing opportunity for your entrepreneurial activity. A company can choose to advertise to make its e-commerce known, and therefore entice customers to purchase products directly online. And you can do social media marketing to increase the visibility of your brand by extending market opportunities not only in a limited area, such as that of the business headquarters. You can use Facebook to direct consumers to your company website, or move towards a B2B trade that exploits the potential of the internet by optimizing costs through an innovative way of doing business. With Facebook it is even possible to create a single marketing campaign available for viewing on different devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, taking advantage of the options that the same social platform makes available to its users. These are additional options, we could define them as '' tools '', whose purpose is to facilitate the creation of a single ad by choosing automatic placements without the need to format or size the ads. The savings are not only economic, but also temporal: it would be enough to study an excellent strategy to also reduce the timing regarding the formatting of the advertisements on the various devices.

How to do web marketing with Facebook

Although it seems simple thanks to the tutorials on the internet, web marketing (or, even better, social web marketing) can involve risks if you do not have the necessary knowledge to index your advertisements and make the most of advertising. It is estimated that among the thousands of followers who follow a page or join a group, only 10% of the subscribers actually see an advertisement. And if on the one hand it would be enough to increase investments in advertising on Facebook, on the other it is necessary to study an excellent marketing strategy that knows how to guarantee maximum returns from the simple use of a social network. Everything lies in being able to enter the mechanism underlying the platform where sharing prevails, which ensures exponentially growing visibility based on the feedback left by users.

For an excellent web marketing strategy, we start from identifying the target of customers to which advertising should be directed (depending on the age group, type of work, territory, purchasing power, etc ...) to arrive at the creation of an announcement that knows how to be mainly communicative. Many companies owe their success precisely to simple, effective and impactful advertising while others have failed above all in the simplest part of the whole strategy, that is to create a need in the consumer. Moving on your own could be a solution, except that social media marketing can present numerous obstacles that are hard to spot.

In this case, the web marketing agency, an indispensable partner to create an advertising campaign on the Facebook platform, helps. The web agency specializes in the development of projects with the aim of optimizing the advertising investments that a company makes for internet advertising. In addition to consulting services, essential for understanding business needs, the web agency prepares targeted interventions for strategic web marketing also on social channels. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of indexing, profiling, positioning, SEO language and advertising, web marketing agencies can guide the company towards the definition of a strategy that is based on maximum performance, simply by using the same tools that the social platform provides. to its users. The results are measurable immediately, because the company will have the opportunity to create its customer portfolio in a short time even at fairly low costs. All using a professional able to respond to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Author: Alessio Hocevar

Alessio Hocevar


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