Tik Tok is a social network that in recent years has achieved great fame, depopulating especially among the younger generations, but managing to win the interest of even the greatest. In fact, it offers contents that adapt to every taste and personality, since through some algorithms it manages to win attention according to everyone's preferences.

Precisely for this reason, in this article we will see how to exploit the power of the platform to try to sell some products, analyzing, in the course of the paragraphs, the most requested categories and sectors, the target audience and much more. Another reason why this is an excellent e-commerce platform is the fact that it allows you to show the contents of a video not only to followers, as happens on Instagram or Facebook, but, on the contrary, it reaches all those who they have interests in a certain area, thus increasing the circle of people who could be interested and buy the products offered. Furthermore, it gives a lot of space to users' creativity, allowing them to create content of all kinds and topics, focusing on the originality, creativity, innovativeness and freshness of this young platform that has understood how to reach people's attention.


To be able to earn money from the sales of your products on Tik Tok, first you need to create a video in which you publish and sponsor the items for sale.

The content created must be intriguing, captivating and must be accompanied by some captions and descriptions that explain what the video is about, or that contain the link to the site where it will be possible to purchase the products. Furthermore, if you know of some influencers who have great popularity on this social network, collaborating with them would be a great fortune since they would greatly increase the views of your post, in order to involve more people and to search for the most interested in. purchase of the product.

This platform also guarantees the possibility of direct sales, in such a way as to ensure users purchase the item without having to leave the platform, speeding up the purchase procedures.

It is also recommended to share your products, sponsored on Tik Tok, on other social platforms, by connecting them to your profiles, in order to reach even those who have not yet downloaded this application.

The secret to best promoting a product on the Tik Tok platform is to look as natural as possible; for this reason it is better to create natural and "imperfect" videos, rather than recreating studied and perfect scenes and shots which, however, do not correspond to what is reality. To sell products and create advertisements, it is very useful to create a Tik Tok for Business account, which allows you to create advertising marketing campaigns. Furthermore, using the Tik Tok app for an e-commerce platform, you can create advertisements, video ads, product images and much more.

Subscription to Tik Tok for Business is completely free and payments are made only when you decide to create a marketing campaign, deciding the budget according to the campaign and the amount you want to allocate. Through another function, called Tik Tok Ads Manager , it is possible to monitor the progress of your advertisements and the progress of sponsorships. The world of marketing offers several strategies to achieve greater popularity on Tik Tok and one of them is the perfect time for publishing. In fact, according to some research, there are times during the day, in which there is a greater influx of users on social platforms. By knowing them you will be able to post and launch your ads during peak hours, thus reaching a higher number of people


The products that can be sponsored and sold on Tik Tok are the most diverse. In fact, the platform allows you to sell any type of product based on the various interests of people. Below we make a list of possible products that could attract the attention of various users on Tik Tok:

  • Bracelets, necklaces, rings and various jewelry - Clothing
  • Shoes, bags and accessories
  • CDs, DVDs and books - Video games and accessories relating to them
  • Make up tricks
  • Creams and body products
  • Accessories for various types of sports

These are just a few ideas for selling and sponsoring a few items, but the variety of possibilities is immense. In fact, the products that can be purchased on Tik Tok are of any kind and respond to every taste and passion. Through various algorithms, as already mentioned above, the Tik Tok platform knows the tastes of users, based on the searches it carries out and the likes it puts in the various videos, and based on this it proposes different contents that reflect the interests of each one. . According to these videos, therefore, also the products that could most interest the various users are proposed, in order to ensure a greater sale for each item. Even the companies of the most famous brands in the world of electronics, clothing, cosmetics and much more, such as, for example, the giants of Nike and Apple , have used this application to increase their sponsorship more and more and reach the greatest number of people possible. This is to say that the Tik Tok platform is certainly very reliable as an e-commerce site if associated, for example, with an online e-commerce platform , and allows a large amount of views of its product if published and sponsored correctly and carefully. .


Among the various e-commerce platforms available online, you can download PrestaShop , an open source CMS, for free. This platform is very useful for creating e-commerce sites. Thanks to this open source CMS it is possible to manage your online business, customize your shop, attract numerous visitors and sell your products even abroad, without too much effort; in fact, the platform helps you in every step of the sale of your product. The beauty of this site lies in the fact that it is a very intuitive and simple to use platform, so that all those who want to create their online e-commerce site can use it easily. In short, PrestaShop allows you to add, modify and import the product sheets of the various items you want to sell. Other e-commerce platforms widely used online are: WooCommerce , Magento, Opencart and saas solutions such as Shopify . These CMSs are essential if you want to create a Tik Tok account in which to sell your products and sponsor them in the best possible way, since they allow you to keep track of your sales and guarantee you service and assistance in all the various stages of the sale of your items. We therefore recommend that you try them out and find the platform that best suits your needs and account.


After downloading the Tik Tok app on your device, installing it on the online store and finally creating a Tik Tok For Business account, you can proceed with the creation of various content and ads. By using this app calmly you will soon understand the secrets to make the most of it to create your personal business. The platform also allows you to create different types of ads depending on your taste and your goal. There are, in fact, numerous formats for each type of company, which will help you in sponsoring your articles. Below, we provide a list with the main ad templates that can be used on this social network:

  • TopView : thanks to TopView you can create a full-screen video lasting up to one minute. As in other social networks, for example Instagram, users, if not interested, will have the possibility to skip it only after a few seconds. Precisely for this reason, those who are dedicated to the production of this video must pay attention to create an intelligent and captivating content, in such a way as to capture the attention of people, who must not skip the ad.
  • Brand Takeover : in this case the ad offers a very short video, lasting a maximum of 3-5 seconds, which however is shown when you open the app, thus allowing a large number of views and a great way to sponsor your product. It must be emphasized, however, that this function, requiring a large budget for its creation, given the amount of people who will see the ad, is reserved for only one brand per day per country, and, usually, it is used by large companies that sponsor big brands.
  • In-feed ads: this format allows you to create a video for your ads, with a maximum duration of one minute, and will be inserted in the "For you" section of the users. The type is very similar to that used for sponsoring products on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Sponsored Hasthtag Challenges : this format is much loved and followed by users, as it allows you to recreate fun challenges to which interested users must submit, which, however, serve at the same time to sponsor various articles. What users have to do is: submit to the challenge by recovering, and then publish it by inserting the hashtag proposed by the creator of the same, in order to circulate it as much as possible and sponsor the product linked to a given brand.
  • Sponsored effects : usually large companies and brands mainly use this function, creating customized effects and filters, to entertain users and make them create videos using these filters in order to increase the popularity of the brand.


Reading this article, therefore, you will certainly have more information about the platform that has depopulated in recent years and which always sees a large influx of users. You will also have realized the ease of creating content and sponsoring the various products, understanding according to which algorithms and principles the social network works, and why it is so simple to reach large groups of users and thus quickly increase sales and the revenue.

Tik Tok, therefore, in addition to being a social network where you can spend time for leisure and where you can find interesting content, funny videos, famous people and much more, it is also an excellent solution, as you may have seen, to sell different types of articles, choosing your target audience to contact to proceed with the sponsorship of the contents.

Therefore, you just have to download Tik Tok, create an account for business, associate it, perhaps, with any online e-commerce platform (as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, which is used to check the sale and progress of the sponsorships), and devote part of your time to advertising campaigns, marketing, sales, shipping and much more thanks to this fantastic social network. Furthermore, the beauty of Tik Tok lies in the ease of its use; the understanding of the various steps is immediate and clear, so that it can be used by most people with immediacy and simplicity. The beauty of Tik Tok lies in the fact that it gives a lot of space to the creativity of its users, who can indulge themselves to create original, innovative, fun content and use, as mentioned in the paragraph dedicated to the creation of ads, different types of formats to sponsor their own. brand.

Author: Alessio Hocevar

Alessio Hocevar


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