Tecnoacquisti.com® carried out the restyling and optimization of the PS 1.7 e-commerce version of Jointlab.com, a company with twenty years of experience founded in 2003 to counter large international groups and over time become an excellence in the production sector and marketing of laboratory equipment.

Jointlab produces innovative scientific instruments and equipment for the chemical and biotechnology industry.

In addition to a wide range of equipment, Jointlab also offers a range of support services: from the installation of an instrument to its qualification, from metrological control to the outsourcing of tests, from repair of equipment to a time rental. Jointalab is therefore the solution for every need.

Long-term partnerships and close collaboration with the best manufacturers have allowed, over time, to acquire a high level of expertise on numerous equipment. Today this technical mastery is at the service of their customers.

Jointlab: a team of enthusiasts

Jointlab employees and collaborators have a common dream: to share their experience to offer the best equipment and the best customer service. The Jointlab team is characterized by in-depth knowledge of machinery, from the simplest to the most complex, and of service problems.

Jointlab is a candidate for this as a single contact person for the project, taking care of both the pre-sales consultancy and the after-sales service. Jointlab salesmen and representatives are distributed throughout the national territory, to assist customers and provide them with solutions that perfectly match expectations.

The technical team intervenes in the installation, training and maintenance of the devices. Jointlab's long experience is the guarantee of the best advice and the highest level of service available in Italy.

With nearly 20 years of experience the Jointlab team knows how to win a challenge. The company has become an Italian excellence in a reference landscape characterized for the most part by international companies thanks to the continuous search for innovative solutions. The wide range of equipment produced and distributed by Jointlab allows to "cover" most of the laboratory functions and test scenarios

Jointlab: instruments for chemistry laboratories

Laboratory instruments are exposed to extreme chemical and physical influences. For this, they must ensure accurate measurements, have a long life and ensure safety for researchers. High quality is an essential feature along with advanced performance to meet the technology standards of any laboratory.

Despite the complexity of their mechanisms, the tools selected by Jointlab are very easy to use and can also be handled by specialized personnel, thanks to intuitive software and interfaces.
Jointlab offers a wide range of laboratory equipment equipped with a predisposition for connection to control platforms on a PC or tablet, via wi-fi.

Jointlab selects only superior quality equipment: magnetic and mechanical stirrers, shakers, vibration stirrers, pH meters, thermostatic baths, etc. The manufacturers with which Jointlab has entered into agreements are those of primary importance, at an international level: Velp, Ohaus, Mettler ...

Jointlab: electronic scales

The electronic scales proposed by Jointlab are digital instruments of extreme precision but easy to use. Analytical, technical and electronic balances are available for laboratory measurements, research and all areas where making an accurate measurement is of fundamental importance for the final result. In addition to laboratory scales, Jointlab also has industrial meters (piece counters and floor) and meters for the food sector.

The quality of the instruments distributed by Jointlab is guaranteed by the name of the manufacturer: Ohaus, a real market leader in the sector of instrumentation for weighing from one gram to one ton.

Jointlab: diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm (or diaphragm) pumps are vacuum devices widely used in the laboratory.
They are generally chosen for their particular chemical resistance, the absence of oil residues and the possibility of recovering solvents. Thanks to the partnership with KNF, the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory vacuum pumps, Jointlab guarantees the absolute best available on the market.

Jointlab: the safety cabinets

In this category, Jointlab's choice fell on Chemisafe, an international company that produces safety cabinets for the storage of flammable substances, chemicals, acids, bases and gases designed to solve the problem of managing hazardous materials. The reversible doors are equipped with handles with safety latches and locks. The 110 ° opening allows the shelves to be extracted without having to tilt them.

The measuring instruments

A measuring instrument relates a real event to a physical quantity. Temperature, pressure, humidity and composition are phenomena that man has learned to measure with ever greater precision. Jointlab offers the best measuring instruments available on the market, with particular attention to meeting customer needs.

The laboratory chillers

Chillers are cooling recirculators, i.e. instruments which, thanks to cryogenic gases or liquids, subtract heat from a fluid. The high level of reliability, closed loop system and continuous duty cycle make this equipment perfect for use in the laboratory, process industry and industrial thermoregulation applications. Jointlab has the exclusive Variocool VC 10000 undercounter model and the LOOP 100 model. The name of the manufacturer is LAUDA, a German company leader in the sector for over 65 years, which supplies instruments with state-of-the-art control systems and quality materials.

The refrigerator thermostats and indicators

Laboratory refrigerated thermostats are ideal for applications in microbiology, bacteriology, growth of microorganisms, water analysis, BOD, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies etc. Therefore they allow to obtain an excellent stability and homogeneity of the internal temperature (from 3 ° C to 50 ° C) with selection of the tenth of a degree centigrade. Incubators differ from refrigerated thermostats for the possibility of observing the samples from the outside without interfering in any way on the cycle in progress, through a second transparent internal door. The most advanced models proposed by Jointlab can be connected via WiFi to remote control systems, in order to monitor multiple instruments simultaneously, record and share data. Among the models available, one in particular is equipped with LED shelves for crops, crops and fermentation studies, as well as a small growth chamber.

The centrifuges

Laboratory centrifuges are designed to ensure the separation of solids from liquids or liquids from each other for the most varied applications in the life sciences, where the difference in density between substances is very small. Centrifugal acceleration speeds up separation, making it clearer. Jointlab offers Ohaus branded appliances complete with rotors and accessories.

The refrigerators

Jointlab offers only B Medical Systems refrigerators, a Luxembourg company that has been manufacturing refrigeration devices for over 40 years. The partnership with Jointlab has allowed the Italian to ensure the distribution of the best machinery in the world, including refrigerators, freezers and medical grade transport containers. All equipment guarantees maximum performance in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, the machines proposed by Jointlab are also responsible for the management of blood and, in the cold chain, of vaccines.

The thermostats

When it comes to temperatures, Lauda is number one. Instruments range from immersion thermostats to heat, heating and cooling exchangers, which are the heart of many applications. Jointlab distributes Lauda appliances in Italy and guarantees the optimum temperature for research, production and quality control in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and medical laboratory sectors. Lauda, ​​a company that has been active for over 60 years, is synonymous with consulting, competence, customer care, innovation, durability and respect for the environment for the world of medical equipment.

The laboratory stoves

Laboratory ovens are actually ovens that ensure uniform temperature and control of heating, cooking, evaporation, sterilization and other processes from industrial laboratories. These tools are used for:

  • Sterilization. They also play a central role in the antibacterial process of laboratory instruments, which are subjected to a temperature of 160 ° with constant heat and monitored for 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Drying. It is one of the most common uses of laboratory ovens and mainly concerns precipitates: it is used to separate liquids from solids, evaporating the fluids dispersed in the materials.
  • Drying. It is another fundamental function of laboratory ovens: it is applied to laboratory glassware and constitutes a preliminary procedure for using the instruments during experiments.
  • Cooking and annealing. Baking is a technique whereby a substrate is heated without dehumidifying it. Annealing, on the other hand, involves heating and cooling materials such as steel and glass to decrease their hardness and increase their ductility.
  • Consolidation of ties. Laboratory ovens can combine drying and cooking in order to make the chemical bonds of substances more solid. The choice of the laboratory oven is closely linked to the purpose of its use which also determines size, capacity and power. Jointlab offers only Falc instruments, an Italian company that has been producing laboratory stoves for over half a century.

The laboratory incubators

A laboratory incubator is a heated, insulated compartment that is used to grow and store microbiological or cell cultures, tissues, biochemical and hematological studies, pharmaceutical or laboratory analyzes. The incubator maintains constant temperature, humidity and gaseous content of the atmosphere. Many appliances have programmable timers that can be set to exceed temperatures and humidity levels. Incubators can be tabletop or floor-standing (in this case they have large dimensions). The technologies used to manufacture laboratory incubators are many: dry bath with single or double blocks, biological oxygen demand units (BOD) ideal for studies on insects or plants, shaking, hybridization and bioreactors. Jointlab also has a wide variety of laboratory test chambers.

First quality equipment, in-depth technical knowledge and twenty years of experience are the three strengths of Jointlab, which has based its core business on the aid of research.

Website: jointlab.com

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