Tecnoacquisti.com® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop the Arredomobil ecommerce, a company specializing in the supply of furniture items suitable for the creation of offices and work environments, classrooms, playgrounds or the development of urban areas.

Arredomobil has been one of the most prominent companies in the industry since 1988. The secret is all in the corporate philosophy that animates Arredomobil's work, which is to work on the specific needs of the client with the utmost professionalism.

The aim of its team of experts is to create high-functioning environments that are perfectly furnished with quality and professionally crafted items and that are responsive in every way to the concrete problems that one wishes to satisfy.

Arredomobil also is a company specializing in the supply of furniture items that operates on a 360-degree basis, capable of providing top-quality elements for the design of urban and city areas. Among the many elements available, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to billboards for posting advertising flyers, or rather information boards to serve citizens and tourists.

Street furniture

Arredomobil boasts a selection of street furniture items dedicated to waste disposal. In fact, a wide variety of litter bins, baskets and even special containers for the disposal of expired medicines are available.

Of particular value are the ecological islands for separate waste collection, as these are indispensable elements for perfecting and optimizing the collection of waste and facilitating the identification of the various elements that are part of it.

For the care of the purely aesthetic and playful aspects of urban areas, the choices are very wide, not only in terms of specific models available but also by type of item from which one can choose. These can range from simple and inexpensive items, such as planters and pots, to more elaborate elements such as fountains and gazebos. Very important for the creation of comfortable and welcoming areas are the benches, of which there are really a great variety available, from single benches suitable mainly for sidewalks to picnic benches with built-in table, suitable more for parks and more open spaces, away from urban traffic.

Stages and platforms, on the other hand, are essential for the staging of parties and large events, but can also be useful at themed conventions and commemorations.

Furniture items for playground construction

Arredomobil is an excellent partner for creating a playground where children can have fun in complete safety. In fact, the selection of furniture proposed by the company includes only the best playground furniture items on the market, made of non-toxic and completely safe materials. The selection is very wide and varied, and there are so many solutions to choose from. Swings, for example, can provide one or more seats, and there are models that even have multiple seats built in between them. Slides, another great playground classic, differ in the height of the slide and the style of the stairway. For younger children, it is possible to opt for spring-loaded games, forts, and merry-go-rounds. While for slightly older children, climbing frames and zip lines can definitely be a winning choice.

website: arredomobil.co.uk

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