In the panorama of large e-commerce dedicated to the sale of eyeglasses and sunglasses, also appears, a virtual shop linked to the homonymous brand that offers style and innovation in terms of optics. Here's what it is and what you can buy.

What is

The brand was born from the idea of a group of young artisans eager to create something different, in line with the most current trends. To achieve this, it was decided to design a collection of both prescription and sun glasses that encompass different trends and international influences. Leziff, in fact, is the result of contaminations deriving from travels, from the suggestions of distant cultures, from a way of thinking outside the box. To make the collection unique and inimitable, it was decided to focus above all on techniques and materials. The glasses, in fact, are entirely made in an artisanal way, by hand, taking care of every detail to create something that is really different from the rest. Furthermore, great attention was also given to materials, choosing above all innovative raw materials such as acetate or aluminum, capable of giving ample freedom in terms of design. Leziff's eyewear is a concentrate of tradition and innovation, creativity and technology, and can be purchased exclusively on the company's own e-commerce.

What products can be purchased on

On the portal you can buy all the pieces of the brand's collection. As for eyeglasses, obviously you can buy the frames and it will then be the customer's responsibility to contact your trusted optician to add the prescription lenses according to specific needs. Instead the sunglasses are equipped with lenses with CR39 certification and which can boast a high level of UV400 protection. Obviously the collection includes models for both men and women even if it should be specified that one of the characteristics of the glasses of the Leziff collection are designed to give both a male and female face. Several collections are available, for those who love more squared shapes and those who prefer more classic frames. Furthermore, the customer can find a wide variety of colors, both as regards the frames and the lenses as regards the sunglasses.

The methods of purchase and payment

Buying the desired glasses on the e-commerce is really very simple. Once you have identified the chosen item, you can place it in the cart and proceed with the payment. For a precise commercial choice, the company wanted to offer its customers a wide variety of payment methods, obviously including credit cards belonging to both the Visa, Mastercard and Payal circuits. For the less technological, bank transfer or cash on delivery is possible, without any additional commission. Payments are always safe as they are covered by some of the highest protection systems currently on the market. The shipment takes place immediately and the glasses are delivered to your home within 24/48 hours at the latest. Shipping is free and the customer can check the route in real time, thanks to the tracking of the package.

The benefits of

Why buy on First of all, customers who love this type of eyewear can only find it online or in authorized stores. In fact, in this case too, the company has made a precise choice of distribution, deciding to sell both in person and by authorizing selected shops in all cities. Furthermore, the purchase on this site is safe and easy, thanks to a cart that has a very intuitive interface: even the less experienced of online shopping will be able to complete the operation without any difficulty. Finally, on the e-commerce portal it is possible to find the entire collection, with all the models available, without fear of not being able to find the type of eyewear that you just can't do without. In short, many advantages that make the purchase of Leziff glasses on the portal of the same name an always positive experience.


There are many brands of sunglasses and all have products in the end very similar to each other. Precisely to change this trend, the Leziff company has decided to create something completely new, which combines innovation in shapes, materials, the conception of eyewear, both sunglasses and prescription, with the craftsmanship and the beauty of tradition. Such an innovative product could only be loved by customers who, in fact, collection after collection reward the brand with their purchases. The portal, then, is designed to make every shopping experience really simple and pleasant: those who, for example, want to buy only the new products will be able to find in the New Arrivals section everything that represents the new trends in the sector, which never disappoint even the most demanding customers.


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