Tecnoacquisti® has carried out the migration from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7.7.x of the ecommerce in Frigolab multi-store. Frigolab.it is an ecommerce that deals with the sale of refrigerators for individuals and companies. The company makes use of the collaboration of expert salesmen and specialized technicians. Frigolab owns one of the largest and most stocked warehouses in Europe.

Inside there are categories such as:

  • Portable refrigerators
  • Refrigerators for medicines
  • Laboratory refrigerators
  • Laboratory refrigerator-freezers
  • Professional fridge
  • Industrial refrigerators
  • Fridge camper and caravan
  • Refrigerators for the boat
  • Minibar-minibar-mini fridge
  • Wine cellars refrigerators
  • Bi-trivalent refrigerators
  • Professional freezers
  • Ultra-freezers
  • Ice makers
  • ATP thermal-transport containers
  • Siberini or eutectic plates

This dealer takes care of both the sales and delivery phases. Payments are made securely through the appropriate section, which offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of the most popular methods such as credit or debit card, digital current account, bank transfer and cash on delivery. The buyer also has the option of returning the item by home collection. Frigolab will take care not only of the shipping costs but also of those related to any returns. The products sold by the company are protected by a guarantee of up to 24 months. The goods are insured against any risks associated with transport.
Within the site, the visitor has a segment dedicated to promotions and offers, which shows the most interesting discounts on certain items. The section allows the user to consult the products on sale by ordering the price in ascending or descending order.

Top products Frigolab.it

What sets this retailer apart from others is the supply of laboratory and drug refrigerators. On Frigolab.it there are refrigerators for drugs intended for pharmacies and parapharmacies, hospital pharmacies, clinics and nursing homes. These products are suitable for the storage of medicines and vaccines in compliance with current regulations. Also in this case the buyer will have the possibility to evaluate the items in ascending or descending price order. There are also laboratory refrigerators, inside which it is possible to store clinical analyzes belonging to patients.

There is no shortage of refrigerators for boats, campers and caravans, dedicated to travelers. In addition, there are also industrial refrigerators for sale, suitable for commercial use. In addition to the sale of refrigerators, the platform also deals with the trade of machinery useful for the professional sanitation of hospitals and vehicle cabins such as ambulances, buses, taxis and trucks. The ozone generators present on Frigolab.it are suitable for the treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus better known as Covid-19, according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Health and the WHO. The site is really well stocked and features products that are rarely found on competing sales platforms. All items have a product sheet containing the technical characteristics, the price and a detailed description which also includes the warranty times.

On the site there is also a section dedicated to the best-selling items, so that customers can get an idea of what is the most popular.

Useful information on Frigolab.it

The site offers the possibility to contact the company by phone or by e-mail. The customer service makes use of the collaboration of professionals able to solve technical problems or clarify any doubts of the customer. In addition, potential buyers will have the opportunity to go to the office after making an appointment by phone. Once you have contacted customer service, all you have to do is wait to be called back. You usually get an answer within a few minutes. The assistance service is fast and immediate, the staff extremely polite and competent.
The information on the site is also available in English, French and Spanish, as the company operates throughout Europe. On Frigolab.it it is possible to register an account through an email address. This will allow the user to be constantly updated through notifications on the offers on the platform.
Finally, the site indicates the delivery times of the products, the policies related to the return procedures, any shipping or packaging costs. In this way the user will have all the useful information available to proceed with the order.

Frigolab.it is a sales platform designed to guide the consumer towards a facilitated shopping experience. On the site the buyer will never feel abandoned, since the appropriate sections are full of technical information and details regarding the items on sale.

www.frigolab.it Italian version

www.frigolab.eu foreign version

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