Tecnoacquisti.com® first carried out the check-up and then, based on the analysis performed, the restyling and optimization of the PS 1.7 version of the Contevenezia.com e-commerce, a company that has been involved in designing and create hair accessories suitable for every occasion and event to make a look special and unforgettable.

The aim is to offer everyone the best headband to bring out the face and the dress, as well as the ideal hair clip to create a collected and at the same time glamorous effect. If you are curious to find out what are the latest market trends and how to use them to improve the style, both formal and informal, then visit the website and evaluate the numerous categories present, all sorted by type in order to facilitate customer research. . So let's see in detail how to style your hair in an original way and giving them a touch of light without falling into excess.

This is heading element

Contevenezia has changed its style over time following fashion, but still maintaining two fundamental concepts.
The first is the choice of materials, which are selected only from the best in circulation.
When it comes to pliers, for example, not only hard and resistant plastic is used, but also a particular resin that gives a decidedly more natural effect.
Very popular are the finishes, which usually include a border of small and shiny rhinestones, to create a crop to star even at home, or not having to worry about going out with the pliers resulting sloppy.
Very refined is the velvet, which is used for the elastics, declined in various dark and light colors to accommodate any type of outfit.
The same goes for silk, for heavy cotton and also for steel, plated in gold, silver and bronze colors for the realization of the popular headbands, as thin as a beam of light in the hair, to be selected according to your own natural color and the one that is most evident.
The materials, as well as the entire manufacturing, are Made in Italy or in France, two giants as far as craftsmanship of this kind is concerned, so as to give the customer a finished product of superior quality compared to the standards found on the market.
The second principle that guides the brand's philosophy is that of lines, which are soft and sinuous for some elements, but also geometric for others.
In fact, numerous studies are made on the fashion of the moment before proposing a collection, also mixing the knowledge that our staff has of the hair and the head, to create a solution that is elegant but also functional.
We therefore move from large soft and velvety elastic bands, round and curvilinear, to angular pliers with a square base, which give a formal effect and can also be used during events or in the workplace.
So let's see in detail what are the main products promoted by the manufacturer and how to best match them to the look of the day or occasion.

What to buy on the Contevenezia website to complete your look

Contevenezia is one of the main market portals when it comes to accessories, as it offers a wide range of solutions suitable for every customer target. Whether you are looking for a product to wear every day to tame your hair, or if you want a specific variant for an event or a ceremony, on the site you will find a wide choice of shapes and materials, all divided into specific categories.

Hair clips: one of the accessories most purchased by customers is certainly the hair clip, as it allows you to collect both part of the front hair and the entire length in a soft and unstructured way.
You can choose to put on and remove the pliers, rolling the hair into a bun or leaving part of the length free.
Contevenezia offers geometric and square models for lovers of rigor and formality, enriched with white and shiny rhinestones in case you were to participate in a celebration or an event. This variant also lends itself to being used during an evening dinner or during the day if played down with the look.
For lovers of simplicity, it is possible to opt for a resin solution without applications, however refined to detail and resistant to shocks and stresses.
Select a timeless classic such as black and brown, or for the variant decorated with a baroque motif for an exotic and very original effect.

Hair Clips: If you don't love the idea of the clip that can be put on and off, then you'll love the hair clip which provides added stability to the hairstyle.
There is the spring version, capable of collecting the entire hair or even just a few strands for a very refined semi-tied.
Or the version with plate and elastic below is interesting, a middle ground between the two categories, convenient to always carry with you for emergencies or simply when you feel the need to uncover the neck.
Much appreciated are the hair clips with a long and thin shape, which once again use geometry to best enhance the hairstyle.
Then there is the round variant, in an ethnic and exotic style, as well as the stick that fits directly into the chignon and keeps it stable despite the fact that there is no net or elastic around it.

Hair Bands: Forget the old thin, nondescript rubber bands, which add nothing to the look and don't enhance it in any way.
Contevenezia loves to opt instead for maxi and very evident variants, with a round and curled shape, for an elegant and refined vintage effect.
The material used is most of the time velvet, which captures the light and reflects it with refinement, in the black or burgundy version that brings back a concept of sensuality, which contrasts with simple and chaste tails.
Alternatively, a more classic variant is that of the elastic with plate, more minimal in the lower part and rich in details in the upper part.
A widely used material is turtle-effect plastic, which goes well with both a formal and an informal look.

Headbands: in recent years headbands have become an unmissable accessory in every woman's wardrobe.
They are in fact able to complete the look, both in the more minimal and thin version, and in the thicker and fabric version, almost a band made more rigid by the underlying structure.
If you have to attend an event and you have a simple and linear dress, a rhinestone headband could be exactly the solution to highlight the face and illuminate the hair, both in a neutral color like that of zircons, and in a more multifaceted variant on the shades of light blue or fuchsia.
The side part is very comfortable even when it is made of steel, without excessively tightening the head or the back of the ears, in order to be able to wear the headband all day without feeling pain or discomfort.
Very vintage but always current is the variant in natural tortoise or light beige, made with small circles that grow towards the top of the head, or with a straight and rather thick bar.

Contevenezia's collections of hair accessories are therefore always elegant and refined, multifaceted to follow the tastes of women and the fluctuations of fashion, so that everyone can find the perfect mix to represent their personality.

Website: www.contevenezia.com

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