12 Mesi Supporto Zero Pensieri

12 Months of PrestaShop Zero Thought Support Multi-store

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Multi-store ecommerce assistance. The offer includes up to 4 (four) hours a month of consulting for problems / incidents in the management of the catalog, customers and orders, or up to 2 (two) hours of basic technical assistance. Telephone assistance is only in Italian.

12 Months of PrestaShop Zero Thought Support Multi-store


What is a Multi-store Prestashop?

A multi-store (or multi-shop) is one of the native features of PrestaShop that allows the merchant to manage different stores from the same control panel, the goal of this configuration is to have a group of different e-shops, sufficiently independent to have different settings. This configuration is particularly used for different situations, for example:

  • The need to divide an ecommerce between multiple geographic locations , but which share the product catalog, for example dividing the ecommerce located in Italy with or without its own warehouse with eccommerce in Germany with or without its own independent warehouse or the simple need to use different domains for different languages, for example mioshop.it and mioshop.fr and to configure different couriers and settings to better locate the store.
  • Divide the shop between B2C sales and B2B sales , proposing different conditions and configurations, with or without a common product catalog.
  • Propose a different catalog for particular initiatives that apply to only one kind of products, for example it is possible to create a prestashop multi-store that sells IT products and offers in a different eshop only the products included in the Carta del Docente initiative, with relative POS ; in order to prevent the purchase of products not included in the initiative with a teacher card or 18app voucher. This configuration is also useful for creating an e-commerce for warehouse sales ( OUTLET ) , for example we can have our main e-commerce where we sell the autumn-winter collection and a second e-shop in the multi-shop where we see the remains of the old collection.

What do we offer for those who have PrestaShop configured as a multi-store?

12 Months of PrestaShop Zero Thought Support Multi-store

The offer includes up to 4 (four) hours a month of consulting for problems / incidents in the management of the catalog, customers and orders, or up to 2 (two) hours of basic technical assistance per month on PrestaShop for bug fixes relating to the modules included in the standard installation of PS and / or modules of Arte e Informatica , the resolution of problems relating to the update and / or access to the Front-End and Back-End . Ideal solution also for Web Agencies that need technical support from certified developers.

The offer includes :

  • Installation recommendations (hosting, modules and graphic templates)
  • Installation of Addons modules (configuration excluded)
  • Installation of graphic templates
  • Back-office configuration and native or Arte e Informatica modules
  • Support for importing the catalog in CSV format
  • Expert advice
  • Marketing consultancy

The following are excluded from the support plan :

  • Creation of custom graphics
  • User training
  • Ecommerce migration
  • Interventions on modified parts of the code
  • Development of customized solutions that the customer wants to add to the store

Zero Thoughts Disaster recovery

It is a technical form of insurance that covers cases in which it is necessary to restore the entire ecommerce or in the event that your shop is targeted by spammers and / or subjected to cyber attacks that compromise its functionality. Zero Thoughts insurance covers technical intervention by a certified developer until the problem is completely resolved.

Disaster recovery technical insurance covers only 1 ecommerce / domain for accidents occurring after the subscription of the service. The assistance is only in Italian and subject to verification by our technicians. The following are expressly excluded from the services and performances: transfer of software, consumables, hardware materials of any kind.

Timing of intervention

The timing of the intervention will take place within 18 hours (working) from the request, from 10:00 to 20:00 (Italy time zone) holidays and holidays are excluded, it will still be possible to receive remote assistance beyond this limitation in the form of extraordinary interventions and urgent.


Web Agencies that sign a Zero Thoughts contract with Arte e Informatica in addition to technical assistance on PrestaShop, will receive a 10% discount on all modules and services sold on tecnoacquisti.com.

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Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X
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Italian and English

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