Tecnoacquisti is a PrestaShop Certified Web Agency

Who we are? Tecnoacquisti .com® is a registered trademark Arte e Informatica.

Tecnoacquisti .com® ecommerce solutions, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to make entry into online commerce as easy as possible. All the support and professionalism of Tecnoacquisti .com®, PrestaShop Certified Web Agency in the training of companies that want to open up to new markets, up to the complete management of the ecommerce on behalf of the customer, who will thus only have to take care of the shipment. Creation of ecommerce sites ideal for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to expand their business on the web.

Our offers implement our best modules , many of which are present on the Official PrestaShop Marketplace and purchased by Web Agencies around the world to implement the functions of the ecommerce created by them.

Extreme Customization

Tecnoacquisti .com develops plug-ins, extensions and templates for PrestaShop also for other Digital Agencies and freelancers. All our solutions are highly customizable on customer needs. Beyond the creation of professional ecommerce, we can take care of the design starting from the creation and registration of the logo and SEO and SEM campaigns.

IT-BE-1166 and IT-BE-1912 Back-End Certifications with 100% score
Front-End Certification IT-FE-6261 score 98%

Ecommerce site development and creation

Our mission: to offer modern online sales solutions accompanying you in the growth of your online business. Helping you in the creation or optimization of your ecommerce and in reaching the business of your dreams. We are specialized and certified in the development of modules and extensions for one of the most famous and used e-commerce platforms: PrestaShop currently used by over 300,000 shops . A reality that has more than 1,000,000 active members in the development and growth of electronic commerce, present in 195 countries and is among the top 150 international projects of GitHub. Our solutions therefore give complete freedom to our customers who will not be tied to a single Web Agency, but will be able to find professionals and experts capable of responding to their needs.

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About us

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After the purchase, your opinion is important to us. You can also write us your review on Google or PrestaShop Addons . To improve our service, we ask you to let us know how it went. You can consult our work portfolio and visit our customers' ecommerce.

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Data is the lifeblood of any business . Through the dashboard implemented in our ecommerce solutions, supported by advanced analysis tools. We will help you manage your online store 24/7. You will be able to find out more about your customers' behavior and wishes, analyze your sales to thus increase your conversion rate. And all in compliance with the new GDPR privacy legislation (RGPD 2016/679) .


We immediately think about the future, even if you are at your first online experience, you need a highly scalable and modular ecommerce solution that can grow with the expansion of your business. This is why we pay attention not only to the software side, but also to the system side, offering you advanced solutions such as hosting and dedicated servers specially configured for PrestaShop and capable of not making you lose even a sale


We will always be by your side, from your first order, accompanying you in the growth of your online business. We'll help you take your first steps in e-commerce or improve your online business with innovative and widely tested solutions, advice and techniques. PrestaShop offers a complete range of features capable of supporting ecommerce stores of any size and we are able as Developers to expand the countless functions that the software guarantees at any time.


Receive instant payments, from more than 50 payment providers from all over the world, with the possibility of integrating tailor-made solutions if necessary. As certified PrestaShop Developers , we are the authors of the payment gateways through school vouchers ( 18app and Carta del Docente ) and we are able to integrate any type of payment you wish. The payment solutions that you can select are countless from the indispensable PayPal to payment gateways such as Banca Sella and Nexi Pay CartaSI ICBPI. Most of all, you can use international solutions such as Skrill, Sofort, Amazon Pay, etc…


All professional ecommerce solutions include a professional template based on Elementor Page Builder that allows you to maximize usability and customer experience, as well as allowing you to independently make changes to the site's content. We optimize the templates for SEO and according to the google Web Vitals concept.


All themes are responsive, i.e. they adapt to each device with particular regard to the mobile sector which is predominant today. Your site will not only be seen perfectly on smartphones, but thanks to the integration of the Touch Icons it will be possible for your customers to insert the link to your ecommerce on the HOME SCREEN of their mobile with the appearance of an APP .


Our professional ecommerce solutions offer the possibility through the installation and configuration of special modules (not included in the basic offer) to synchronize with the main Marketplaces and comparators through APIs or WebService-based solutions.


You will be able to automatically generate feeds for exporting products to Google Marchant Center in order to generate high converting Google Shopping campaigns. You will find a Google Mercant Center account already set up with your imported catalog and a Google Adwords account.


You will be able to automatically synchronize your catalog with the most important Italian price comparison site, also participating in the certified opinions programme. To start promoting your products on TrovaPrezzi, all you need to do is sign a contract with 7pixel Srl, owner of the comparator and configure the connection to the service with our help.


I could connect your ecommerce at any time to the Amazon Marketplace by synchronizing the catalog and orders. To sell your products on Amazon, all you need to do is sign up for a "seller account" subscription with Amazon and configure the module with our help.


You can also start selling your products on the Ebay Marketplace by synchronizing your catalog and orders. To sell your products on Ebay, all you need to do is sign up for a PowerSeller subscription with Ebay and configure the module with our help.


A professional ecommerce requires a high-level hosting solution, which is why we provide professional hosting on our servers or similar OVH solutions included in the offer, up to management solutions on a very high-performance dedicated server and a set of services specifically designed for a high-level online business. All the features can be increased if necessary up to Load Balancer solutions for load sharing among multiple servers. CDN InfraStructure CDN : essential complement for your international ecommerce. The CDN (Content Delivery Network) is made up of a set of possible locations around the world, which locally redistribute the content of your servers and cache files that do not require continuous updating.

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