12 months certified email account for sending e-commerce

12 months certified email account for sending e-commerce communications: yourname@shopemail.it

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The fight against SPAM brings with it many problems and makes it necessary for the sending of automatic communications from your ecommerce to have a certified email with less stringent sending limits. The email @ shopemail.it is an economical solution to solve your problems of sending and receiving orders.

ATTENTION: offer available only for customers who have signed up for a hosting plan with us.

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Use a dedicated email

To solve sending and receiving problems, the best solution is to use a specific and dedicated email with less stringent limits. Our offer @ shopemail.it is designed for small ecommerce and to contain the costs of this type of email. With an hourly limit set at 200 emails / hour and with a specific configuration to obtain a high trust score from the anti-SPAM filters, it is the solution suitable for most online stores.

Unfortunately, the fight against SPAM makes sending emails very complex and arrival at their destination is never guaranteed even when no error messages are received in response.
An email dedicated exclusively to this purpose allows you to limit the problems as much as possible.

Product Details

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Phone support language:
Email support language:
Italian and English
email archive
Account email (POP/IMAP)
Roundcube Webmail
SSL certificate
Commercial DV SSL
SMTP server
Limit outgoing email per hour
Maximum size for sending
Dropbox Backup
Possible on your account
IP address

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