Dancing is good for all ages, which is why the Impetus school in Rome organizes dance events and courses with highly specialized teachers, as well as private lessons for competitors taught by professional teachers.

Depending on the level of commitment, dancing can be assimilated to gentle gymnastics or motor therapy. In all cases, this practice allows you to stay in shape and get to know other enthusiasts, so as to spend moments of healthy fun and that allow you to stay in shape.

Impetus dance school in Rome: dance courses

Impetus is an amateur-type association that offers dance courses not only for professionals, but also for beginners. Subscribers will be able to participate in the courses of:

  • standard dances;
  • Latin Americans;
  • modern-jazz;
  • Belly dance;
  • video dance;
  • Argentine tango;
  • group dances;
  • sauce;
  • hip hop;
  • smooth;
  • breakdance;
  • burlesque;
  • preparatory dance.

The halls of the association are also available to organize birthday parties, weddings, communions, graduations and other anniversaries to be celebrated in a big way. On request it is also possible to participate in private lessons with private teachers, as well as join internships and training.

Affiliated to the Italian Dance Sport Federation, recognized by CONI, Impetus is a point of reference for learning to dance or hone your skills in a certain style. The rooms can be rented to take individual dance and dance lessons. The premises are also suitable for carrying out all kinds of group activities and training, such as choreographic workshops for teachers.

Those who choose to dance will be able to improve their mood and prepare themselves for the positive aspects of life. Without thinking too much and with little effort, dancing turns out to be an opportunity to improve concentration, memory development, expression and imagination skills. Adhering to the lessons held at the Impetus rooms also means increasing your self-esteem and thinking less about everyday problems.

Impetus and dance evenings

It doesn't matter if you already have experience with dancing or it's your first time. Impetus welcomes fans of this discipline every Saturday evening, offering dance evenings for guaranteed fun. Starting at 20:30 it will be possible to take part in group and couple dances with entertainment. In this regard, you can choose the formula with entrance and drink for only 10.00 euros or with dinner, which includes pizza, pasta, water, wine and croissant.

Impetus Dance Courses

Moving to the sound of music allows you to get to know and interact with other dancers, therefore to meet new people outside your group of friends. Making acquaintances, in turn, improves the lifestyle and the technique already acquired. With the dance you can get to know your body better, express your emotions and learn to let yourself go.

Impetus dance school in Rome: registration and costs

In order to join any type of course it is necessary to pay an annual registration fee which includes insurance coverage. Payment is made at the Impetus school office within the first lesson of each month. The fee refers within the year of attendance, regardless of the actual presence of the participants.

Those interested can also request trial lessons that allow them to understand the degree of interest in a particular discipline. These lessons are aimed only at new members and are free, otherwise they are deducted from the monthly fee.

All the courses offered by the Impetus school are appropriately organized according to the age group, level and number of participants. In this regard, during the academic year a specific calendar is prepared to know the days and times in which the lessons will be held.

As you can imagine, regular attendance is the basis of success and allows you to achieve good results in a short time, especially when there is also a certain predisposition at the base. An inconsistent participation, on the other hand, slows down the pace, growth and learning, both collective and individual. For this reason, students are required to go to the Impetus school regularly and on time, therefore to justify their absences well in advance.

Dancing turns out to be a real therapy and for this reason many children also take part in the courses. In fact, dance serves to stimulate creativity and build character. Thanks to the dance you can overcome the common fears, put aside the distressing feelings, anger and all the negative feelings that feed inside. All this does nothing but contribute to physical and mental well-being.

Choosing the dance course that best suits your needs is very simple, given the vast choice. In any case, an attentive and prepared staff will always be ready to advise you in the best possible way, therefore to direct you towards the discipline that is more in line with your aspirations.

Impetus: Dancing has never been this fun

Dancing with a live orchestra, learning new steps, tackling increasingly complex choreographies are just some of the activities that can be experienced at the Impetus dance school. Participating in the numerous lessons, held by expert and qualified teachers, allows you not to think about everyday problems, so you can switch off and experience unique and fun moments.

The moment you begin to move your body in time to the music, it will be automatic to abandon negative thoughts, to let yourself be carried away by vibrations that stimulate the senses and make you feel alive. It doesn't matter how old the love of dance is or if it's your first experience, teachers who have been collaborating with Impetus for years will know how to guide and explain the various techniques, using state-of-the-art learning methods. All that remains is to choose your dance course and start an exciting adventure.

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