Even today, clay courts are the most desired choice for those who practice tennis. It is a type of surface with a long tradition characterized by great elasticity and, at the same time, by a solid compactness. In addition, red earth has excellent water absorption capabilities. And it is precisely the correct design of the drainage that determines the quality of a good clay tennis court. It is essential that the latter is made up of several layers of high quality materials. The last layer, the thinnest one, must have precise characteristics of compactness and a precise slope.

Another detail to take care of, in an accurate way, is the undershirt which allows players to obtain, during the competition, a bounce of the ball as natural and controllable as possible. In addition, it allows tennis players to perform certain movements useful for the purpose of the game, such as slips.

Why choose a reliable company like ICIS

If you want to have a special and quality clay tennis court, you can only rely on ICIS which represents one of the best companies in the field of engineering and sports facilities. The company has a long experience in the creation of red clay for the preparation of tennis courts (and other types of sports that use fields with this particular material).

Success in a sport and an athlete's performance are not determined by training alone. Often, in fact, there are other elements unknown to the general public but which represent a decisive point for success. An example is the work carried out by ICIS in the planning, design and implementation of engineering solutions and in the use of techniques that are the result of a long experience in the field of sports facilities.

ICIS designs, develops and takes care of your tennis courts

The ICIS company has behind its long history the profound experience of an athlete in the tennis field, Paolo Montevecchi, who transmitted his knowledge and his passion to ensure that a red clay for tennis courts was born among the most appreciated for quality and technical characteristics. ICIS is also involved in producing undershirts and has managed to stand out in the world of sports facilities. In fact, it is able to give its best in both amateur and higher level camps.

In addition to the work carried out in the production of red clay for tennis courts, the company also takes care of offering its customers a valid maintenance service that it carries out with equal competence and care. All these characteristics have allowed ICIS to become the main supplier of the most important national tennis courts and beyond. In fact, the competence and professionalism of the company have spread even beyond national borders, conveying the Made in Italy.

ICIS is not just tennis courts but a red clay service for various solutions

The ICIS company deals with the creation of red clay surfaces also for other sports disciplines. These structures include the bowling green which, by regulation, must have a precise percentage of slope.

Land Tennis Courts

To obtain this characteristic it is essential to use a type of bottom that is particularly draining. ICIS produces a special soil for the fields located in external places that need the water to flow correctly. For the fields located inside closed structures, on the other hand, the company realizes the field using specific materials which, thanks to the particular characteristics, allow to obtain technical peculiarities and a very high quality finish.

In addition to the red clay, the great experience of the ICIS company gives you the opportunity to also create football fields and grass cove. There are two types available: natural and synthetic. In the first case, the company takes care of both the preparatory phase of the fund which will subsequently host the layer of natural grass of the highest quality with selected seeds. In addition, the position of the field in question is studied and the arrangement of the irrigation system is also planned which, if the customer wishes, can be installed by the company itself.

In the case of synthetic turf, ICIS takes care of preparing the substrate with extreme care and designing an efficient water drainage system. The company remains constantly at the customer's side, also offering a care and maintenance service for the systems that will remain, throughout the year, always in perfect condition even after intense and continuous use. The interventions of ICIS, therefore, are perfectly suited to fields located in school facilities, sports facilities and other contexts frequented by many people.

Finally, ICIS is also involved in creating baseball fields. Also in this case a very high quality land is proposed which will make up the part of the baseball field which, in jargon, is called diamond. The rest of the pitch is made of grass. ICIS will also take care of this section of the structure which, as in the case of soccer fields, can be made of synthetic or natural grass. For those who wish, the irrigation system specially designed for the type of plant can also be installed in the field.

Do not hesitate to ask ICIS for advice

If you are thinking of building a tennis court (or of the other types that the company deals with) of any competitive level, do not miss the opportunity to contact the ICIS company which will promptly carry out an on-site inspection to propose the best solution for your specific needs. Whatever the request, ICIS always offers the best planning and design that will meet your needs and allow you to achieve your sporting goal. To do this, simply consult the company's official website and fill out the contact form that will allow you to quickly have all the necessary information on clay tennis courts and other types of turf. The company staff will give you all the answers you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can also decide to call the company via the telephone contacts on the site or send a request via email. Remember that, both in the case of tennis courts and other structures, ICIS will carry out your project in compliance with international technical regulations.

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