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The company Pegaso sas

If we had the opportunity to go back in time, it would be curious to be able to understand how widespread the skepticism towards energy accumulators, which we commonly call batteries, must have been. After all, we are talking about devices that are far from easy to implement and manage, and in an era in which the availability of electricity outside the home context did not matter much, it is not surprising that most people, with good probability, he would not have invested anything in this technology.

Looking at it today, things look very different. The theme of batteries has become central in many contexts, which even 20 years ago were unthinkable. Indeed, energy accumulators have become strategic in practically every sector, not only the industrial and commercial sector relating to companies but also in the private sector.
Obviously, in this climate of increased energy demand and with the availability of more and more technologically advanced batteries, even the choice of the partner to rely on for supply or assistance, has taken on a decidedly different importance.

The importance of experience and excellence

In this sense, the history of Pegaso is significant, a company specializing in solutions for batteries and energy storage, established in 1993 and which has been operating since 1978 alongside brands such as SAEM, acronym for Società Accumulatori Elettrici Monza. Overall, therefore, Pegaso boasts more than thirty years of experience, which has allowed it to closely follow the technological developments that have taken place over the years in energy accumulators, acquiring a know-how that can make a huge difference. These skills are reflected both in the wide range of products that Pegaso makes available for its customers, and in the range of services apparently surrounding but actually relevant as much as the batteries: we think for example of everything concerning the management and disposal of batteries. After all, each of us should ask ourselves the question of how accumulators are managed once they are exhausted, given that the health of the environment is affected, and therefore ours. Also in this sense, no less important, the choice of the most suitable company should be evaluated with particular attention.

A battery for every use

But how many and what are the areas in which today it is possible to find energy accumulators? By observing the type of products present in the catalog of a company such as Pegaso, it is possible to get an idea of how numerous are the areas in which the correct functioning of a machine is linked to the presence of an energy accumulator. It goes without saying that the battery reminds us of the car. Who, after all, has never found himself having to change one? Well, not only are there many types of cars, each with a different energy requirement, but there are also many other areas that are not taken into consideration. Among the cars we must remember to distinguish the traditional cars and motorcycles from the campers, with a much greater energy requirement. The cars can be sports cars, subject to significant stresses while driving, or they can be vintage, with very different energy needs compared to modern cars but also with smaller housing spaces or in different positions. This is why a company like Pegaso emphasizes the importance of communicating not only the car model but also technical characteristics such as voltage and amperage. If we extend the concept of vehicles, then the batteries for the storage of energy can be used in the nautical sector, in industrial vehicles, in touring aircraft, in earthmoving machines or in special army vehicles.
There is also a range of vehicles for which energy is used instead of fuel, think of wheelchairs for the disabled, industrial cleaning machinery or electric vehicles for moving people or goods.
Other areas are uninterruptible power supplies and solar panels, where energy storage is essential for the deferred use of the energy produced by the sun over time.

Batteries but not only: the importance of accessories

Following the history of a company like Pegaso teaches that working in the energy storage sector does not only mean selling batteries. Such a concept would be too simplistic, since many other needs revolve around accumulators that a company must try to satisfy. Among the other aspects that need to be considered we remember at least the following items:
1) The recharging of the accumulators still usable;
2) The sale of accessories or disposal of exhausted products;
As far as recharging is concerned, Pegaso relies on two important brands such as Exide and Ctek, whose product quality is testified by the many brands in the automotive sector that have chosen their products both as standard equipment and as original accessories to be supplied to their own. customers.
Among the accessories, however, it is good to remember the importance of the absorbent powder for sulfuric acid and the electrolyte for accumulators, which we commonly call battery acid, to be used when the level of this tends to drop. For absorbent powder, however, it is good to remember that the law establishes the obligation of its availability in all companies that make use of energy accumulators or batteries.

Accumulators and sustainable batteries: the importance of reuse

The issue of environmental sustainability also leads to addressing the issue of disposing of accumulators and batteries that are no longer usable. For this reason, it is necessary to know that Italian law considers batteries and accumulators that reach the end of their life as particularly harmful waste, which is why it has imposed the obligation of their correct disposal, which protects the environment and everyone's health. the citizens. If a reuse policy is linked to this, as in the Pegaso Recycle program, such that lead from old batteries is reused for the manufacture of new accumulators and new batteries, a virtuous circle is created which guarantees companies the respect for the law, and respect for the environment for citizens. Still a good reason to bring together the skills and experience of a company like Pegaso.

Pegaso Solar Power

The above should help to understand that the energy sector closed in accumulators and batteries is a much broader area than one might believe. It is probably also the long experience that pushes to cross rigid boundaries and to apply one's skills in incredibly similar fields. And this is what happened for Pegasus in the field of solar energy. The Roman company has poured its know-how into a rapidly growing energy sector such as photovoltaics, where experience plays an important role in choosing not only the most suitable solar panels for one's energy needs but also for correct installation. of the whole system and the choice of the best storage solution. The photovoltaic system is good for the environment but it is also good for the economy of a family, since it allows a considerable economic saving on the bill. However, the variable of the hours of sunshine does not allow you to program with absolute certainty the number of hours of autonomy of your system. To overcome this problem, regardless of the area of Italy in which you are, the solution is to have a sufficiently large energy accumulator to guarantee energy even for long periods of lack of sun. It is a choice that in the long term will make a certain difference, so we must not overlook the importance of the experience of a company like Pegaso.
In short, for Pegaso, energy means offering a diversified contribution to the various aspects that may affect it. The future, moreover, is now certain that it will be dedicated to energy: whether it is renewable, more or less sustainable, stored or not, in any case what will feed our lives will have to do with electricity.

website: www.pegasoroma.it

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