To send large files up to 2Gb we can use WeTranfer , a free online service, to transfer files from computer to computer overcoming the limits of email.

Using WeTransfer is very simple :

  1. We access the Web App>
  2. We accept the terms and conditions of use of Cookies> Click on Accept
  3. Click on "+ Add files" and select the files we want to send from our computer
  4. We enter the recipient's email address by clicking on "+ Friend's email" - we can enter multiple recipients
  5. We enter our address by clicking on "+ Your email"
  6. We write the message (optional, but recommended) and to confirm click on " Transfer "


We Transfer will then start uploading the files showing us the progress of the upload. At the end of the sending , Wetrasfer will send an email to the recipient containing the instructions to download the file and one to us for verification, in the email we receive there is also a link that allows you to forward the same file to other recipients.


Notes: our Web Agency specialized in ecommerce and PrestaShop certified, has no partnership with Wetransfer and does not distribute or resell Wetransfer services . Finding it a very useful tool, we recommend it to our customers who need to send large files.

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