Tecnoacquisti.com® created the showcase site of Delizie di un Tempo Gastronomiaroma.eu; the business deals with gastronomic supply of ready meals and supplies for bars, catering and banqueting and in particular lunch boxes.

In addition, a new logo was created and edited.

The showcase site was created with Prestashop even though it has no direct sales

Special emphasis was given to Lunch Boxes, as Delizie di un Tempo is one of the few delis offering this product.

Lunch boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years for several reasons. They offer a practical and convenient solution for those with limited time for lunch, while providing a balanced and nutritious meal. They are also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for single-use packaging.

For companies like "Gastronomia Roma," offering high-quality lunch boxes means meeting customers' needs efficiently while providing a distinctive service.

These lunch baskets and lunch boxes are ideal for a variety of occasions, whether for short lunch breaks or for school groups on field trips or sightseeing tours.

Delights of a Time is a gourmet production from the highest quality foods that are always fresh.

It is the ideal solution for packed lunches, for groups, for movie sets and for any refreshment needs. They specialize in supplying for Bars, Restaurants, Communities, Sports Centers and Summer Centers.

website: gastronomiaroma.eu

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