Tecnoacquisti.com® has created the new Ecommerce in Prestashop 1.7 of Biferbrico.it also creating the logo. Bifer is a Modena hardware store well-stocked for every passion, from simple DIY to more important works such as the insulation of a roof with Bostik Liquid Rubber or the disinfestation of mosquitoes with suitable products, passing on to the passion for gardening.

BiferBrico is a hardware store specializing in the sale of adhesives, solutions for green maintenance and home care.

It offers a wide range of products made by brands that ensure quality and reliability for all the needs of individuals and companies.

BiferBrico: the story

BiferBrico based in Modena along Viale G. Amendola at number 522, is a hardware store opened in 1983. It is managed with passion and competence, offering a wide range of products and items useful for maintenance and care of green spaces and the house.

It is aimed at simple individuals or professionals in the sector, offering solutions proposed by the best brands in the sector. Furthermore, since 2005 the company has decided to enter the world of electronic commerce by offering products directly on its website.

It has competent and qualified staff able to support the customer in the purchase phase with useful advice to optimize the choice of the best solution with respect to the intervention to be performed. To obtain remote assistance for online purchases and request help from customer service, you can use the telephone number indicated in the contact section, send an email or fill in and submit the appropriate form which also allows you to attach useful documents.

Green care products

BiferBrico offers the sale of a wide range of articles and products for the care of the green. They are solutions that can be easily used by a private individual or by a professional in the sector who deals with maintenance of gardens or parks. There is everything you need to be able to design and build a water system that allows every single plant and flower in the garden to have the right amount of water with the optimal timing to be able to grow luxuriantly. Among the proposals there are fittings for 2 and more-way taps, the adjustable hose lance, connectors with quick coupling, sleeves, adjustable drips, capillary microtubes, pop-ups and more.

There are also other types of tools and devices such as the micro reel, the hose reel trolley, the thermal herbicide to eliminate weeds and other dangers for the beauty of the garden, the spray pumps, the automatic programmers, the rubber hoses of various lengths, the water guns and complete kits. There are many options to be able to design and build an irrigation system that is useful not only for gardens but also for those who want to easily manage a vegetable garden and have seasonal vegetables available at km 0.

Solutions to keep mosquitoes away and take care of the house

The hardware store specializes in the sale of products that are used at home for specific interventions and above all to keep insects and mosquitoes away. These pests are particularly annoying during the summer because they do not allow you to rest and relax as you would like. There are the most disparate proposals such as the portable mosquito repellent or the classic plates to be inserted in electrical devices and the insecticide lantern also designed for the needs of those who want to spend a wonderful day outdoors perhaps at the campsite or through a picnic with their own. family. In fact, there are many proposals for outdoor areas such as the mosquito shield, useful for organizing a dinner in the garden with old friends, trap devices to capture insects or tablets that must be used according to the instructions in the package leaflet. There are also more traditional solutions such as insecticides also useful for keeping wasps away or eliminating dangerous wasp nests and much more.

Liquid rubber and latest generation adhesives

The range of products that can be found at this dealer located in Modena is of various kinds. For all possible uses, liquid rubber is available to the customer in different variants such as the spray package that allows you to speed up the drying process of the upper layer making it waterproof after only 10 minutes. This kind of product is very useful because it increases the polymerization process by 20 times and is also useful in uncertain weather conditions with the presence of rain. Liquid rubber is also sold in other solutions such as the complete repair kit and made by a very prestigious brand such as Bostik or in the tape version of various lengths. The company also deals with the marketing of very important adhesives that are used for many uses and on different surfaces such as wood or ceramic. These are construction adhesives based on innovative technologies that guarantee maximum sealing and resistance to water and immersion. These products allow optimal solidity because they are fast and guarantee a final strength of up to 110 kg for every square centimeter. There are different types such as the Polymax also made by Bostik, the Bostik quick-seal blister or even the double-sided adhesive which is very useful for indoor use. At the shop and on the online sales site, it is also possible to buy products that are normally used at home such as the sanitizing spray for the skin or liquid hand soap which also has antibacterial characteristics and the degreaser that also offers an action essential disinfectant to make surfaces free of pathogens and bacteria of various kinds.

BiferBrico is therefore a hardware store that sells many items and also barbecue products and mailboxes (online sales, however, take place specifically on sites dedicated to the purpose). It guarantees a wide range of solutions created by well-known and appreciated brands. A reliable and convenient interlocutor to rely on.

Website: biferbrico.it

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