Tecnoacquisti .com® has created the new Ecommerce in PrestaShop of the Buntoiu farm specialized in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Buntoiu producers of Evo Oil

A history of ancient production that comes from love for the land.

The Buntoiu family has been producing extra virgin olive oil since 1969, with origins coming from a mill that has been active since 1952. The olives are grown in Italy, directly on the family's land property: a property covering approximately 30 hectares of olive groves . The intense taste and impeccable organoleptic characteristics of the oil arise from the combination of the ancient family knowledge of oil production and the use of the most current production and cold pressing techniques, which makes the company one of the leaders on the market. of production of extra virgin olive oil.

A modern production

The modern production activity of the Buntoiu EVO oil to which the company aspires is driven by an objective: to seek quality without neglecting respect for the environment and, above all, food safety. It is an important factor, not to be underestimated in the choice of extra virgin olive oil, because this is truly one of the healthiest and most important foods of the Mediterranean diet: with its unsaturated fatty acids, the organic Buntoiu "Evo" oil (a word that derives from Latin "Oleum") is a source of numerous antioxidants which are precious for the overall health of the organism. The Buntoiu extra virgin olive oil, with respect for nature and the aim of giving consumers a fresh and genuine product, is obtained from olives harvested by hand and processed within 24 hours in the family mill, using a process that involves the use of only water and sea salt. And this is also the secret of its genuineness: the natural harvesting process allows all the organoleptic properties of the product to be kept unaltered, including the intense yellow colour, the pleasant aroma with intense fruity notes and the pungent flavour. To fully enjoy its nutritional properties, i.e. the characteristics that make it suitable for the everyday Mediterranean diet, it is advisable to consume it raw, to keep its healthy and organoleptic properties intact (Evo Buntoiu oil, unlike the simple of olive oil, has a higher content of antioxidants and vitamin "E", precisely because it is produced without being subjected to mechanical refining processes).

Extra virgin olive oil

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