Tecnoacquisti has migrated the Azzurra Profumi e-commerce from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7.6.x In a period like the current one, it is becoming easier and safer to buy products online; but when it comes to perfumes the first thought goes to the care for the transport and for the integrity of the perfume, for this it is necessary to turn to professionals in the sector and not to improvised online shops. Azzurra Profumi is an e-commerce that boasts many years of experience in this sector and that knows how to satisfy any need at best, while taking great care in sending products home.

The strengths of Azzurra Profumi

The first thing that catches the eye upon entering the site are the various categories available, a first distinction is made between: perfumes, make-up, gift boxes and promotional items; this allows you to immediately be directed to the category that interests us most. In the section of the items in promotion, there are many products of well-known brands at competitive prices and above all it is possible to buy products that cannot be found on other online stores or in physical stores, because they are out of production or out of stock.
We know that perfumes must be combined according to the occasion, having the right fragrance for an outfit can really make a difference, however, it is well known that buying the best fragrances requires investing significant amounts, not always within everyone's reach. Azzurra Profumi allows the purchase of exclusive perfumes at perfectly affordable prices, thanks to the continuous offers that are constantly updated on the site, so as to satisfy even the most difficult tastes and keep up with the trends of the moment. A particular section is that of testers, which allows you to buy perfumes from brands such as Police or Calvin Klein by spending less than half, it is a very useful category for those who do not want to spend large amounts but still want to have refined and quality products.

The Make-Up on Azzurra Profumi

In the make-up category there are lipsticks, mascara, blushes and offers of combined products, all at figures much lower than those that can be found in other e-commerce. An example could be the mascara by Yves Saint Laurent or a Trousse by Deborah, generally unavailable and expensive products, which on the Azzurra perfumes website will be available for less than fifty euros. Speaking of make-up it is impossible not to mention the make-up remover section, in it it will be possible to buy two-phase make-up removers by Lancôme or other well-known brands, to be used immediately after returning home to keep the skin clean and hydrated.
For all those who like to keep their nails in order, there is a special section where you can buy enamels by Este Lauder, Chanel, Dior and more generally high quality nail polishes, spending less than thirty euros. These are not only very expensive products in physical stores or on other online sites, but also unavailable, so Azzurra Profumi is an excellence to choose for this section too.
For lovers of body and face care, there is a section for treatments, in which there will be moisturizing creams, remodeling, eye contour, deodorants, bath-shower, all in both female and male versions.
For hair care and to protect yourself from sun exposure, there will be two other special categories, so as to satisfy every type of request. The last section that we cannot fail to mention is that of gift boxes, anyone who finds it difficult to choose the right gift for a birthday or anniversary should think about opting for a box that will surely be an appreciated gift idea and that will allow you to make a good impression. In this category there are ideas for both men and women, thus being able to satisfy any need.

Beauty tips

If you do not know which products to choose, or if you want to receive advice on which products are best for your skin type, you can consult the Azzurri Profumi blog where there will be many articles about it. This will save time and money, by purchasing the products that best suit our needs immediately.

How does the shipping work and how long does it take to receive the ordered products?

Although it is an online store, Azzurra perfumes will allow you to have the ordered products at home in a very short time (24-48h) and on purchases over thirty euros, shipping will be completely free.
As for the payment methods, you can choose to pay with credit cards, rechargeable cards, PayPal and much more, so as to make the transition smooth and safe.

Exclusive products on Azzurra Profumi

In conclusion, Azzurra Profumi is an online e-commerce, with many different sections, which can be used by any buyer with ease and which will allow them to receive the products ordered at home in a safe and convenient way. It might be a good choice to visit this site if you are looking for exclusive products at competitive prices.

Ecommerce: www.azzurraprofumi.it

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