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This module allows you to insert a banner with shipping information and activate the corresponding link to the CMS directly on the product page.

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Data sheet

Compatibility Prestashop v. 1.6.X - v. 1.7.X

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You can specify different information for each product, or exclude it for products indicated. The module can also be used to indicate generalized information (of any kind) on product pages.

It encourage those visiting your store to complete the purchase

This module allows you to increase sales, urging the customer to order immediately by displaying a dedicated banner with shipping information directly on the product page.

Optional: you can add a custom hook position to your template by entering the following code: editing the product.tpl file of your theme.


  • It is possible to insert information on shipments (or any other information) directly on the product data sheets.
  • You can activate or deactivate the link to the CMS containing the shipment information.
  • You can indicate different messages for each language installed on the ecommerce.
  • The ability to add a personalised message and link to a different CMS for a single product.
  • The ability to disable the message on a product.
  • The ability to specify a start and end date, and time to display the customised message on the product.
  • The possibility to activate the message even for language alone.
  • You can set different display positions on the product page (product.tpl of your template) and add a custom one.


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