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Sabine Baths of Cretone

Terme Sabine di Cretone was born in 1987 and since then many people choose the place every year to find their inner balance. The pool water is calcium-sulphurous and has a constant temperature of 23 degrees, you can find 3 large swimming pools, including one dedicated to children, in fact the place is also suitable for hosting entire families. The services made available to customers are so many, the spas are immersed in nature and on foot you can also reach the luxuriant forest to enjoy a walk in complete relaxation. Relaxation and relaxation are the watchwords and the experienced staff helps make your stay even more enjoyable.

The spa treatments

The Sabine Baths of Cretone are above all known for the therapeutic and cosmetic water of the swimming pools, since 1987 they have been recognized by health care for the treatment of some skin and stomach diseases, but also problems with the respiratory system. To date, thermal treatments represent an excellent help for those who want to regenerate their body and to prevent some chronic diseases in a completely natural way. Pharmacology can often be really intrusive and the optimal solution could be to indulge in the well-being that only spas can offer. When we talk about crenotherapy, we refer to the treatment of some pathologies with thermal means and we must not forget that its intervention extends beyond the symptom and also helps to reduce the risk of aggravating them. All the pathologies that can be treated with thermal water will be listed below.

  • Rheumatology: joint rheumatism, trauma from surgery and arthrosis.
  • Dermatology: psoriasis, various allergic forms, juvenile acne and mycosis.
  • Interistics: irritable bowel, constipation, liver failure and diabetes.
  • Vascular: sequelae of chronic phlebopathies.

In short, for a total regeneration of your body, whatever the cause, Terme Sabine is the perfect solution, but to enjoy all the services you don't necessarily have to have a pathology, relaxation is open to all those who need to unplug from the usual hectic everyday life.

All the services offered by Terme Sabine

Terme Sabine offers many services and everyone can freely choose how to live their stay according to their personal needs. One of the most requested services offered by the structure is the shuttle service which is available from Monday to Friday and includes various stops. The outward journey is scheduled for 8 am and the return is set for 6 pm, the cost is low and in fact only 5 euros are needed for a round trip. In this way you will be able to live your holiday to 100% because you do not need to move with your own means. Other additional services are aerosol inhalation thermal treatments, hydromassage therapy, ideopinic treatments and mud treatments, clearly each treatment must be booked and there is the possibility to purchase the Day Spa Terme package. For the little ones, on the other hand, if you decide to visit Terme Sabine with your family, courses in pottery, tennis, paddle and even five-a-side football are organized. In short, the fun never fails, the complex covers about three hectares of land and has large solariums and lawns where you can spend pleasant time in the company of your partner or family.

The catering of Terme Sabine

Everyone will agree that summer is one of the most beautiful seasons and Terme Sabine allows everyone to live an unforgettable experience. When you lead a busy and stressful life, making time for yourself or family is essential. Terme Sabine is considered one of the places where you can always eat fresh and top quality dishes, all dishes are freshly prepared and choosing what you prefer has never been so simple.

The menu of the Terme Sabine restaurant

In the kitchen of the restaurant there is a real chef who has drawn up a perfect menu for all needs, you can also find typical dishes of the Roman tradition. Another very important aspect of the Sabine Baths and that many customers appreciate during their stay is the grill, thanks to the experts you can taste any type of meat cooked to the right point. Every day the grill master will allow everyone to eat with taste and in a pleasant way, perfectly combining the meat with the various side dishes that can be chosen. Another request that is often made are the Gourmet sandwiches, they can be safely purchased for a pleasant and delicious break, the chef's sandwiches are so surprising that it will be very easy to request an encore.

Massage and beauty area

Among the many services that the Sabine Baths offer its customers, there is a large space dedicated to massages and aesthetics, personal care and well-being is always put first. You are given the opportunity to completely let yourself go into the hands of professionals with a different series of massages that surround the aesthetic and therapeutic sphere that promote relaxation. In periods of high stress we all need to relax and the massage therapy department of Terme Sabine works alongside a medical service and integrative hydromassage and sauna therapies are also performed. The beauty department, on the other hand, is made up of a qualified staff that deals with skin care and blemishes. We recommend that you try the regenerating holistic massage at least once to re-balance your body, and a foot reflexology session may also be requested. The latter is a very ancient practice which consists of a sort of foot massage and is not invasive at all. Then the professionals will put in year a series of natural maneuvers that stimulate the capacity for self-healing. All subjects of any age can undergo foot reflexology and it serves to restore, stimulate and bring our body back to a state of equilibrium that has been lost due to strong stress, moreover the circulation of the blood flow improves from the first treatment. The holistic massage, on the other hand, is considered as the triangle of health, because it allows us to balance the entire structural part of our body, the psychic and also the spiritual part. Anyone who visits the Sabine Baths must absolutely undergo the treatments offered, the holistic massage is recommended for all those who feel hardened, not very agile and find it difficult to lead a regular life due to too much fatigue, but also if you are going through a period in which you feel out of harmony with your body.

Bathing reservation

At the Terme Sabine di Cretone you can also access the bathing areas, there are different areas that vary according to the position in which they are located around the pools. The reservation can be made directly on the official website and to check-in it is necessary to have the booking receipt with you. The price list for the various bookings will be listed below.

  • Single day area booking: from 16.00 euros.
  • Daily booking: blue area for 2 people starting from 25 euros.
  • Daily booking: green area for 2 people starting from 35 euros.
  • Daily booking: orange area for 2 people starting from 40 euros.
  • Daily booking: green area for 4 people starting from 46 euros.
  • Daily booking: premium area for two people starting from 50 euros.
  • Daily booking: orange area for 4 people starting from 56 euros.
  • Daily booking: premium area for 4 people starting from 66 euros.

website: www.termesabine.it

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