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Bettineschi Sport, the Company

Below we will talk about Bettineschi Sport, a shop that represents a real backbone of mountain sports equipment, suitable for all seasons. This exercise represents a real point of reference for all outdoor enthusiasts of various kinds. Who is looking for a point in the Bergamo area where he can buy or rent what he needs to treat himself to an unforgettable day or holiday can have no doubts. Bettineschi has a great variety of items, which include the best brands and objects equipped with the most innovative technologies, to allow you to experience unprecedented emotions. The equipment on which most attention is paid is that aimed at bikers, skiers and mountaineers. But not even runners and snowboarders will be neglected and they will certainly find what they are looking for. This is also thanks to the availability of the shop of a workshop specializing in the repair of winter sports items.

What can be found at Bettineschi Sport

Bettineschi Sport offers its customers over 40 years of experience in the sector and an incredibly wide selection of equipment. Every sportsman will be able to find the item that best meets his needs, being able to choose from the best products. This also applies to clothing: at Bettineschi Sport you can find warm clothing suitable for withstanding the harsh temperatures of high altitudes in winter, as well as fitness garments for long walks. Those who prefer the convenience of online shopping can order what they want directly on the website. The online catalog, in fact, makes all the necessary information available to those who consult it.

Anyone who is already in possession of everything necessary for their adrenaline-pumping and sporting holiday but needs to repair some damage, can still contact Bettineschi Sport. Inside the shop, in fact, there is a laboratory equipped with the latest generation instruments and electrically controlled machinery that allow you to easily perform even the work of refined precision. In addition, the customer can count on the expert manpower of the craftsmen who work in the shop, who will be able to carry out an excellent repair that will guarantee the instrument a long life. Excursions and sports activities will thus be able to resume in complete safety, without worrying about anything. The services offered include the repair of snowboards and skis. But there are also various customization options available, for example to make the inner sole of the ski boot more comfortable.

Rental as an alternative solution

But the real strength of the business is the ability to request a rental. It is a particularly suitable solution for those who are on vacation trying experiences that in other circumstances they would not have and therefore do not feel like buying. During the winter season it is possible to rent any type of equipment: you will find everything you need regardless of the sport chosen, just ask. Between skiing, ski mountaineering and snowboarding, you will be spoiled for choice, including freestyle, freeride or racing skis. The customer can rent brand new equipment only for a few hours or for the winter months, and when the season is over, he will have the right to choose whether to redeem the item or end his experience. In the summer, however, it is possible to rent an e-bike for unique excursions. The shop presents a vast assortment of e-bikes and mountain bikes for adults and children, suitable for routes of different difficulty, so that everyone can have the right vehicle according to what they want to do. Not only that: the user will also find perfect shoes for trekking or running, suitable for all temperatures and with excellent technical characteristics. Also in this case, the rental can be daily but also seasonal, in a way that allows the customer maximum freedom while always having the best price.

Daily and seasonal rental: that's why it's convenient

As we mentioned previously, Bettineschi Sport also allows those who are on vacation and do not need to keep their equipment with them all year round to adopt an alternative solution. The store offers the opportunity to hire all the desired accessories, significantly customizing the service based on the duration of its activity. You can therefore rent by the day, but also keep a tool for the whole season.

As for e-bikes, for example, which are particularly popular during the summer season, there are many solutions. A great strength of the store is to allow a free trial, to be requested before the actual rental so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Then you can determine the duration of the rental according to your needs. Those who want to stay in the surrounding area, for example enjoying the panorama of the Presolana Pass sitting in the saddle, can opt for a two-hour rental. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the vehicle for half a day, or for a full day if you prefer to take your time and explore the surrounding breathtaking landscape in tranquility.

With regard to skis and snowboards, however, the accessories available include many types of models, including those for children or used for competitions. All the equipment that can be rented has been subject to rigorous revisions, in order to guarantee maximum safety conditions at all times. Even the suits can be rented new, and in any case they are previously subjected to a careful sanitation process. Furthermore, for each rented tool, Bettineschi Sport offers a free certified automatic adjustment. The tightness of the binding will be tested until it is perfect, so that everyone can have a perfectly functional and completely safe tailor-made equipment. In short, Bettineschi Sport takes care of taking all precautions to guarantee days of intense fun, providing high quality equipment and making sure that it is perfect for the customer.

Website: www.bettineschisport.it

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