The Perpetual Rosary is a prayer movement led by the Dominican Fathers, active all over the world and founded in the 17th century. The work consists in the personal commitment of the guard time, or 60 minutes of prayer to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary. Joining the association is very simple and represents an act of love for Our Lady, this will allow you to pray even from the comfort of your home, to create an active union every day, 24 hours a day.

Why join the association?

There are many good reasons to join the Perpetual Rosary association. Doing so will meet other devotees, then form a prayer union with the rest of the adherents to participate in numerous indulgences. Members will also be able to leave behind the sense of isolation and pessimism.

The Perpetual Rosary is therefore a way to raise continuous praise to Our Lady, as well as to pray for one another once a month. All this means being able to experience in a concrete way the Communion of Saints which is professed in the creed. Thanks to the inscription, the suffrages that the association has raised to God are ensured for their souls, through the celebration of the Holy Mass and the constant recitation of the Rosary.

All those who decide to join the association may feel less marginalized and sad. It seems apparently impossible, but an hour of prayer a month, compared to the time that is often wasted in vain, can go a long way to feeling stronger and more determined. After all, the 60 minutes of the rosary are connected to those of many other people and this can only be a beautiful miracle. No one will be able to feel alone anymore, but will remain united with an invisible thread to numerous devotees of Our Lady who have understood how fulfilling and powerful prayer is.

How to join the association?

Membership of the association can be done online, with a few simple clicks. First you need to access the official website of the Perpetual Rosary and then fill in the appropriate form with all the personal information requested. Once the request has been sent, the association management will receive the registration report and the guide for the guard time in a short time. The indicative offer has a cost of 12.00 euros to be paid by postal order or bank transfer following the instructions on the site. The association also accepts payments by credit card or PayPal.

The Perpetual Rosary is a concrete reality with well-defined purposes, but the number of adherents also plays a decisive role. The fact that it is followed by so many people, despite requiring a certain commitment and sacrifice, represents a very important and effective message. The association, in fact, not only boasts ancient origins, but every day involves men and women of all ages who become part of a community made up of hundreds of thousands of devotees.

In Sardinia alone there are over 250 groups for a total of 20,000 members. The same is true in other parts of Italy and there is no lack of congregations of faithful in the rest of the world. The central management is located in S. Maria Novella in Florence and ensures the recitation of the rosary every day without interruptions. The connection with the monthly hours of prayer that each individual person carries out allows constant praise to the Virgin Mary.

Being part of such a vast community is very rewarding for every baptized person. The Perpetual Rosary association brings forward profound values that endure over time and are always very current. Being inserted in a current of prayer free from anguish and allows you to feel part of an immense project in which everyone remains faithful to their commitment. Freed from the pessimism that leads to devaluing and considering prayer ineffective, it will be possible to open one's heart to a great change.

An hour with Maria

Guard time is a special moment that allows you to think about your future, especially the eternal one. Mary's presence invites us to think of her Son, to thank him for what he suffered for us. When the time comes to recite the Hail Mary, the faithful will be able to ask Our Lady to intervene in the minds, in order to enlighten them and warm the heart. These are the same sentiments that were in Jesus, the most beautiful and effective fruits of the Perpetual Rosary.

The hour of prayer, which also includes the mysteries of the rosary and takes place once a month, is the greatest commitment that any believer can undertake. An indelible promise that is made to the Madonna. When you combine your hour with that of other people, you help to recite the Rosary uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, without pauses. It should be noted that this prayer can be carried out alone or together with the rest of the members, at home, in the Church and at the appointed time. Every moment is good to not miss such an important and precious entertainment.

The Perpetual Rosary

During the hour of the rosary we are together with the Madonna. She herself is recognized as the "Madonna del Rosario". The Popes have always recommended this prayer, just as the Saints have recited it with great fervor. Even Pope John Paul II in one of his letters refers to the "innumerable crowd of Saints who have found in the Rosary an authentic way of sanctification". Thanks to the rosary, therefore, an entire people of faithful will be able to become part of the great school of Mary, in which the participants become pupils guided by an expert teacher.

Prayer is essential for personal and spiritual growth. The Perpetual Rosary thus becomes an indispensable point of reference for the success of human and social development. Offering perpetual praise to the Mother of God with the recitation of the rosary allows us to obtain from the Lord the graces necessary for the world, as well as for loved ones, living or dead. An hour of prayer is therefore an act of love for one's neighbor.

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