Arte e Informatica has created the website of Leoni Randolfo producer of Porchetta di Ariccia PGI. The strong link with the territory, high quality level of raw materials and tradition are just some of the elements that allow a company operating in the food sector to obtain positive opinions from customers and gain a competitive advantage.

Values that Salumificio Leoni Randolfo, leader in the production of Porchetta di Ariccia, embodies to perfection. For this product, which became famous thanks to the Sagra della Porchetta di Ariccia, the first edition of which dates back to 1950, the lean and tasty meat of female pigs is used.

Furthermore, every step of the preparation of the traditional recipe is still followed to the letter.

The tradition of a family business

The history of Salumificio Leoni Randolfo starts at the dawn of the 1940s: grandfather Augusto Leoni set up a company strongly connected to the territories of Ariccia and the Castelli Romani, practically mandatory stages in the food and wine tourism.

The core business at the time was the boning of the pig which, after being salted and spiced, was tied in a form that has now become internationally famous: the Porchetta di Ariccia.

In the collective imagination, this food product, known since ancient Rome, was known as Roman Porchetta. However, it is in Ariccia that it is produced on a large scale, so much so that in 2011 this delicious dish will be awarded the title of IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). Specifically, it is one of the most important awards on a continental level.

Time has passed since then and Salumificio Leoni Randolfo has been able to confirm itself as a successful business reality: the sons Augusto and Riccardo Leoni, respectively Director of Operations and Production Manager, hold the reins of the family business.

The production of Porchetta di Ariccia PGI has been refined thanks to increasingly advanced machinery that also allows us to maintain high quality standards in absolute respect for tradition and the goodness of flavors.

Among the products, all strictly artisanal, in addition to Porchetta di Ariccia PGI, there are salamis, sausages as well as typical Lazio salami, such as Coppiette di Suino and Guanciale.

All the aforementioned delicacies can be conveniently purchased from the company that distributes them nationally and at European level, as well as offered for sale on the relative e-commerce portal, which is really user-friendly, because it is particularly intuitive to consult.

In addition to the final customer, the target audience is also the small shop as well as the shopping center, both eager to attract gourmet customers who aim for excellent quality food products.

Leoni Randolfo

Company philosophy

One of the cornerstones of Salumificio Leoni Randolfo's corporate philosophy is all about animal welfare. The basic intent of this family business, pursued by the management, has practically always been centered on the desire to achieve sustainable production also with a view to respecting the environment.

Animal welfare means, in fact, ensuring pigs more space and an evident increase in the minimum breastfeeding interval. Furthermore, the ban on castration, the abolition of antibiotics and the elimination of cages for sows clearly indicate the modus operandi of the sausage factory.

At the feeding level, piglets are given quality food right from birth. And this is noticeable in the taste of the tender meat. Which is why there is no trace of lactose, gluten and preservatives in what they eat.

In full compliance with the quality level of the final food product, served on the tables every day, Salumificio Leoni Randolfo focuses on total traceability. What is it about? Simply, in the use of state-of-the-art chips that allow detailed monitoring of each stage of the life of piglets, boars and sows.

The crucial role of staff training

Even in a typically family business, staff training plays a fundamental role, given the high quality standard of food products: in relation to their duties, each of the staff members, from employees to seasonal workers as well as professionals of external firms, are trained so that they can work at their best in a sector made up of strict rules. The training is documented on the basis of what is sanctioned by the regulations in force on the national territory and at the Community level.

An e-commerce portal that is the flagship of the business

Tecnoacquisti® has also created Leoni Randolfo's e-commerce to make their products known to individuals.

Just to go beyond local borders, for some years now, Salumificio Leoni Randolfo has decided to focus strongly on e-commerce, so that more and more users, not only the end customer but also retailers and distributors, could know and make learn about artisan delicacies: Porchetta di Ariccia PGI and various sausages are shipped to every place in Italy and to numerous countries in the European Union in a very short time.

Nationally, shipping is free of charge. Choosing the reference product, adding it to the online shopping cart and concluding the transaction is a practically immediate process: as in the case of the company, the online store is fully focused around the customer and his needs, which are increasingly selective.

Those who want to taste Porchetta di Ariccia IGP, sausages and salami from Lazio, unique in flavor and incomparable in taste, can seriously consider purchasing from the e-commerce portal of Salumificio Leoni Randolfo.

To offer high quality food products, Salumificio Leoni Randolfo fully respects the environment and safeguards traditions. Only in this way the raw materials prove more genuine than ever. This is why Porchetta di Ariccia PGI and various cold cuts from Lazio, such as Guanciale with Chilli or Pepper, Sweet or Spicy Roman Salamella, Corallina are characterized by a simply unique flavor and an intense taste.


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