Tecnoacquisti® has created the website Estimates, Appraisals and Consultations of Dr. Francesca Fortunato. The world of ancient jewelry, precious gems, minerals, is fascinating and full of mystery. It recalls emotions of past eras, and is a testimony of elegance, charm, refinement.

By connecting to the page www.stimeperizieconsulenze.eu it is possible to discover all the services of the Gemmological Training Center, a structure highly specialized in the analysis and recognition of all types of gemological materials and ancient jewelery, both natural and synthetic. Thanks to the use of innovative technological instruments and a staff of professionals and experts in the sector, the Center is able to provide all types of expertise and analyzes.

Estimates and evaluations are always carried out with the utmost seriousness and accuracy.

Specifically, the fields of study concern some exclusive sectors:

  • appraisals and evaluations on precious stones, modern and ancient jewels, gemmological material
  • consultancy related to patrimonial, judicial and inheritance affairs
  • authentication of the marking of antique jewels, coins and silverware.
  • Restoration of antique jewelry, embellishment of gems
  • Studies of provenance, processing and dating

Consulting, appraisals and restorations

One of the main sectors of consultancy and expertise is that of jewelry, often ancient and of which it becomes difficult to trace history, age and workmanship.

These are bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, precious watches, pendants, even from the last century. They are thoroughly analyzed by experts who have been working in this sector for many years.

Each consultation, precise and careful, is always carried out in compliance with the regulations in force on the subject. Through the study and observation the historical period, the type of material, the processing, the engravings and their meaning, the techniques used for the realization and also the economic value are identified.

The next step after the analysis of the jewel is the restoration, to make it still wearable, or entrust it to a museum. The techniques used for the restoration are avant-garde and must always take into consideration the historical period of origin, so that the choice of materials and workmanship is perfectly consistent with this. The final result must comply with rules and regulations.

Experts and goldsmiths are able to study a dated jewel and confirm the time of realization, thanks to a careful analysis of elements such as engravings, logos, symbols and the different types of punching.

For this reason, there is a close collaboration between the restorers and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, which must ensure that all the work is carried out with the utmost respect for the rules to enhance the value of the jewel.

Gemological analysis and embellishment of gems

The analysis of the gems carried out by the Gemmological Training Center allows to verify their appearance, purity, rarity, color, luster and also their value. It often happens that jewels are embellished and embellished with different types of gems, which increase not only their beauty, but also their economic value. The department dedicated to appraisals faces the evaluation process based on multidisciplinary methodologies, ranging from history, to art, to technology, to provide the necessary information relating to the historical and artistic location of the piece and its territorial derivation. The Center therefore provides a historical-artistic certificate of the find and its authenticity. The declarations that are issued always refer to the UNI (Italian National Unification Body).

The gems can also be subjected to embellishment processes, through very special processing techniques. For example, thanks to chemical and thermal treatments it is possible to improve the shine of the stone and remove the opacity due to the passage of time or natural deterioration.

The main techniques used are infiltration and impregnation.

The infiltration consists in inserting completely natural and colorless oily liquids inside gems such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, through slits, to increase their transparency.

Impregnation, on the other hand, is often used for more porous materials, such as lapis lazuli, to make the surface more homogeneous. It consists in making synthetic substances such as plastic or paraffin penetrate into the pores or cracks, and then let them harden. The results obtained are excellent and the stone becomes perfect again.

All these treatments must be repeated over time to obtain a lasting effect. They do not have an excessive cost, but they certainly lower the economic value of the stone, as it has undergone a processing.

Studies of provenance and processing

The Gemmological Training Center, thanks to the latest generation microscopes and spectrophotometers, is able to identify any type of treatment to which the piece has been subjected, and related to any type of gemmological material, natural, synthetic, vegetable and fossil. It must be considered that in nature there are numerous types of gems and precious stones, which are formed with different processes, the study of which therefore differs considerably. You can deal with materials of natural origin, which have therefore been formed over the years thanks to natural processes, or of synthetic origin, that is reproduced by man to recreate stones that are as identical as possible to those found. in nature. The creation of synthetic materials are often difficult to distinguish from natural ones, and the eye of expert personnel and an analysis with more than adequate tools is required. They are complex processes, obtained in the laboratory thanks to meticulous procedures of chemical origin.

Finally, there are gemological materials of fossil origin, or that are produced by secretions of animals, such as pearls or amber.

On the page: www.stimeperizieconsulenze.eu it will be possible to discover many other curiosities about this fascinating and complex area, to have more technical information on the tools and scientific methods used and also to discover all the reports carried out to date. At the base of all the methods of analysis there is always however a professionalism and a commitment of experienced people in a difficult and also very sectorial sector.

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