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Magic Restauri is a construction company operating throughout the territory of Rome and Lazio, specializing in the renovation of apartments, rustic properties and period houses. It offers professional services managed with seriousness using quality raw materials. It makes use of suitably qualified professionals who are constantly updated on the latest news in the sector.

Magic Restauri has been active in the construction sector since 2003 dealing with the construction of various types of works such as new buildings or renovations. It also has the necessary skills to carry out consolidation interventions, to carry out the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of apartments, country villas, period houses and more.

The company guarantees active professional support for the entire duration of the work by providing various figures who will follow the customer from design to installation and the choice of the most suitable materials for the purpose. It creates finishes of all kinds and deals with plasterboard works to modify spaces and volumes of any environment with simplicity. A complete 360-degree service that also includes constant cleaning of the premises.

Magic Restauri is also specialized in routine maintenance carried out by a team of close-knit and competent professionals. First-class materials and adequate equipment are used to intervene quickly and with optimal results.

Magic Restauri is a company with a lot of experience managed with professionalism and seriousness. Moreover, it has the skills and equipment suitable for dealing with renovations, restorations and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in the best possible way, offering cutting-edge solutions.

Website: www.magicrestauri.it

Turnkey renovation

Renovating your home is an unmissable opportunity to make the environment more comfortable and suitable for your needs and habits. The service that is made available by Magic Restauri is turnkey with a support that begins in the design phase and ends at the time of delivery of the works, moreover in full compliance with the deadlines set in the negotiation. The renovation will make it possible to remodel the internal spaces of the house and also improve energy performance, for example, with the installation of a thermal coat that can be external or internal depending on the situation and possibilities. The company specializes in the removal and installation of new flooring perhaps more suited to the customer's style such as parquet, terracotta, porcelain stoneware or marble. Make finishes and decorations with adequate preparation of the walls before proposing painting (plastering, smoothing and sanding). In fact, it is important, in order to hope to have a satisfactory final result, to make the wall perfect from all points of view, eliminating any unevenness and imperfections. The renovation is further completed with the possibility of redoing all the systems present in the house such as the electrical, thermo-hydraulic and plumbing systems. Among other things, by improving the energy performance of the building and carrying out specific interventions with the presence of qualified technicians, it is also possible to access important tax reliefs provided by the State in the form of bonuses. Specifically, they can be exploited through a discount on the invoice, credit transfer or in the declaration with a saving on the costs incurred which starts from a minimum of 50% and reaches a maximum of 110% with the application of the now famous Superbonus. .

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has now become a refined environment that actively contributes to the style and design of the house. With the intervention of Magic Restauri it is possible to enjoy the support of an expert company specialized in bathroom renovation with cutting-edge solutions to satisfy every kind of request. The service includes the removal of old sanitary pieces, tiles and all the finishes present in the bathroom. The staff will be at the customer's side also helping him in the choice of the most suitable materials for the purpose, ensuring aesthetic beauty and the ability to last over time. The intervention involves the laying of the flooring, of the new sanitary pieces allowing the choice between suspended and on the ground, of shower cubicles, of the sink and eventually the bathtub.

Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance

The Company uses first-rate materials and adequate equipment to intervene quickly and with optimal results. In particular, the company deals with the restoration of plasters and paintings that have been damaged by the passage of time or by possible infiltration of humidity. In this regard, it is also possible to overcome this problem by carrying out both the waterproofing of roofs and terraces and the restoration of the tiles that may have been moved by rather intense climatic events such as strong gusts of wind, hail and storms. Over time it is also necessary to deal with all the characteristics and aspects of roof coverings, including the replacement and repair of gutters, chimneys and downspouts.

Magic Restauri has specific skills in the field of refurbishment of internal and external floors, in the repair or replacement of doors and windows and sanitary fittings, showers, sinks and the whole water system in general. It is able to intervene even in the event of a breakdown and malfunction of the electrical system, providing for a possible modification to insert new light points. The obligatory maintenance that must be carried out periodically to ensure the correct functioning of boilers and heating systems of any type are included in the wide range of maintenance interventions that Magic Restauri can guarantee.

In addition, it is a leader in the sector of extraordinary maintenance interventions including the construction of gates, fences or to improve the energy performance of the building by dealing with insulation and installation of the thermal coat. It specializes in the construction or complete refurbishment of toilets, in the installation of photovoltaic and solar panels for the production of sanitary water and which make it possible to exploit solar energy and in the possible opening of new windows and doors to the outside.

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