Tecnoacquisti® created Doctor Francesca Fortunato's Gemmological Training Center website. If you are looking for professionals in the jewelry and precious stones sector, the Gemmological Training Center (GTC), located in the heart of Rome, is the training center par excellence in the field of gemology of all kinds: natural, synthetic, simulant, organic materials and advanced laboratory analysis (Raman, UV-Vis, FTIR, ED-XRF), furthermore preparatory and specialist courses are frequent to learn notions on the estimation and expertise of the jewel.

The center is led and founded by Dr. Fortunato Francesca, professor since 2006 at the Italian Experts College and later at the IGI Antwerp, where she obtained her Professional Training at the IGI (Italian Gemological Institute), GIAgg, gemological schools. Gem-A FGA, HRD, FEEG, IGI (International Gemological Institute), and has specialized in the selection of rough diamonds in Central Africa collaborating with important foreign companies.

His cultural and professional background has been transformed into the ability to forge and transmit knowledge of the gemological sector through innovative and latest generation teaching methods, knowing how to emerge as a person and professional.

The courses of the GTC

At the facility it is possible to attend six different courses lasting five days each, in which it is possible to learn all the dogmas of the gemological subject and subsequently apply practically what has been learned in class. They are practice, repetition and recovery courses for gemologists and aspiring gemologists.

After a few years, even specialist gemologists have gaps in some fields, in this case it can be useful to practice days on materials that are not easy to find, therefore complex such as synthetic or treated, or simply materials just placed on the market. It therefore becomes essential to regain security and tranquility in the job, in order to work peacefully and with adequate skills.
Let's see in detail the types of courses :

Gemological courses: they concern both those who are in the initial phase of learning the subject, and professionals wishing to perfect their knowledge in the sector. These types of courses allow the student to progress gradually, starting with preparatory courses up to advanced and specialization courses. The knowledge of diamonds and colored stones are one of the basic components to competently deal with various professions in the sector such as jeweler, goldsmith, wholesaler, jewelry expert, appraiser, buyer and seller.

1 Day Courses Advanced Gemological Program: these are one-day courses (from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18) on certain pre-established themes. The goal is to deal with the topic in a vertical and in-depth way, to the point of applying what has been learned directly on the material. Participants will have at their disposal a complete microscope station, samples to be analyzed, and the opportunity to study the new materials that the technological / scientific market offers and that the structure renews every six months. The topics of the course are various: advanced level analysis; paraiba tourmaline; jade; synthetic diamond; amber theory and practice; the cameo; jasper and agate theory and practice; the opal, the Japanese sword; ivory; sacred and profane and a study on coral.

1WEEK Courses: these are specialization courses in gemological practice and recovery lasting one week, precisely from Monday to Friday. Designed for those who want to update themselves on new treatments, new synthetics and simulating materials. Resume practice and visual memory of all gemological materials or deal with topics already discussed in more detail. To obtain the maximum experience, the GTC has gemological synthesis samples belonging to the goldsmith manufacturing industry.
Among the available courses we find that relating to pearls (theory and practice); drill for colored stones; advanced emerald course; qualitative analysis of colored stones; advanced course of color rough stones; history of the jewel; small diamonds; natural and synthetic gems; in-depth study of the origin of corundum and beryl, simulant synthetic diamond course and diamond training course.

Courses for appraisers: to qualify for the profession of appraiser and appraiser, the center allows for greater specialization through two distinct branches. In the education appraisal and expertise program, the student encompasses various sectors such as decorative arts, history of jewelery, fashion, antiques, goldsmith construction techniques, principles of gemology, knowledge of synthesis and treatments on stones, chemical, legal, economic aspects, production of forgeries, branding, punches and much more.
On the other hand, the course for appraisers was conceived for a complete and gradual preparation that includes a prerequisite, but after an interview it is possible to access the courses individually. The courses related to this program concern art noveau and art deco, Sicilian jewels, antique jewels, Cartier day, culture and craftsmanship, Bulgari day, 20th century jewels, jewels of the regions of Italy and many others. All the aforementioned courses give the right to issue a certificate of attendance; the whole program, on the other hand, includes a diploma certificate.

4 Monday: it is a gemological training course for operators in the sector, conceived to meet the timetables and commitments of the operators in the sector by creating courses compatible with their working hours; there are six topics to be attended by choice, each topic will be treated for four consecutive Mondays. A new project that will include: Diamond - Ruby - Sapphire - Emerald - Gemstone Treatments - Hard Stones and Organic Materials.

Finally, exclusive training programs are also available for both sales staff, sales agents and commercial promoters, and for goldsmiths who want to undertake a path as a designer to then propose themselves in the jewelry, goldsmith, silver and watch market.

Who are the courses of the Gemmological Training Center for?

  • To workers who need to broaden their knowledge and increase their professionalism and competence.
  • To students who are unable to pass or complete their training in gemology at other institutes or who, once completed, do not feel ready yet.
  • To students and workers who wish to complete or acquire more security and certainty in their work as a Gemologist and Expert.

The courses will have duration and times linked to the individual needs of each pupil. It is also possible to retrieve single topics (eg: only synthetics or treatments, or to practice).
The Gemmological Training Center, with its twenty years of experience and its team works every day to improve its teaching methods and provide a professional preparation suited to the needs of the market: a course that combines theory, practice and experience of specialists in the sector.
The GTC also offers courses with special hours for those with work needs, finally the structure is also a partner of the Lazio Region to offer courses dedicated to self-employed workers and artisans in need of expanding their knowledge, these courses will be recognized in educational debts for universities. .

The valuation, expertise and consultancy service

The Gemmological Training Center is able to recognize, analyze and classify any type of organic, natural and synthetic gemmological material, verify the presence of treatments (thermodiffusion, filling cracks, heating, irradiation, dyeing, etc.), thanks to the preparation, experience and seriousness of his collaborators and of the equipment available in his laboratory.
Estimates, appraisals and evaluations are carried out on: ancient and modern silverware, ancient and modern jewelers, precious stones, organic gemological material. Finally also on natural, synthetic and organic gemmological material.

The Gemmological Training Center, therefore, is a 360 ° specialized course in the gemological and expert-evaluative sector. The high professionalism of the specialists that compose it denotes high specialization in the subject, furthermore the training offer of the courses is wide and dynamic, allowing anyone to attend the courses at the most appropriate times and starting both from the base and from an intermediate knowledge in the sector gemological.

website: www.gemmologicaltrainingcentre.com

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