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If you are looking for a construction company in and around Rome, then AC Costruzioni is for you. Between experience, professionalism and competence, AC Costruzioni offers many years of experience in the sector, creating top quality works by putting the needs of each client at the center of the work. In fact, whether you need to build, renovate a house, redevelop historic buildings, carry out work on industrial warehouses, refurbish entire rooms or any other maneuver, you can get what you want by consulting the AC Costruzioni website and requesting specific advice. for services.

Read below to learn more about AC Costruzioni's activities, services and offers available for each type of customer.

Construction company in Rome AC Costruzioni

More than a simple construction company, AC Costruzioni offers excellent craftsmen and builders.
With mastery and commitment in the workmanship, the experts of AC Costruzioni combine the typical tradition of craftsmanship with new technologies in the construction field, always using cutting-edge materials and offering continuous refresher courses to offer customers an experience in the name of competence and professionalism.

The company boasts a technical staff of considerable value, which carries out continuous checks on the quality of the production process, focusing on the search for the most effective and sustainable solutions to every problem. In fact, the designers of AC Costruzioni do not underestimate any aspect relating to construction and construction work, also paying attention to constant regulatory updating, in order to guarantee a valid support at 360 °.

To always offer cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions, AC Costruzioni boasts a wide range of partnerships and inter-company collaborations with some of the most valid and well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the sector.
Between its own vehicles and equipment, constant technological updating and an eye to the legal aspect, a high quality of work is always guaranteed, marrying a perfect symbiosis between tradition and technological innovation for the achievement of building objectives.
AC Costruzioni, moreover, even boasts a qualification certificate for the execution of public works (SOA), issued precisely to certify the actual value of the company's commitment in the construction sector.

What distinguishes AC Costruzioni from other companies active in the construction sector is its extreme versatility towards customer needs, as well as a wide range of services, both in the industrial and civil sectors. In fact, whatever your need is, starting from the improvement of an environment of a house or an apartment, passing through the total renovation, carrying out energy saving work, redevelopment of bathrooms, reconstruction of water lines, sound insulation, up to the reclamation of reality. industrial and much more.

The company will keep you constantly informed on the progress of the work, so as to allow you to make changes and additions in real time, letting you guide you through the various implementable solutions. Attention to personalization is essential to make the environment as comfortable as possible.
With the utmost compliance with current regulations, AC Costruzioni's strong experience in the construction field allows us to obtain the best possible result, saving both time and costs.

The type of services offered by AC Costruzioni

As already pointed out, the company offers a wide range of services, which can be carried out both on civil buildings and those dedicated to industrial and production activities.
The works on which AC Costruzioni's activity in Rome focuses most are:

  • restoration and rehabilitation works;
  • energy saving and environmental improvements;
  • interior and exterior renovation;
  • renovation of historic and industrial buildings.

One of the most important strengths of AC Costruzioni's activity is the energy requalification of a building. In fact, works that aim to save energy and make improvements in terms of thermal shock without necessarily replacing the energy source of a certain building or home, are particularly in demand and constitute a form of intervention with low costs.
However, among the requalification activities, the possibility of replacing energy sources is also envisaged. Although more expensive at first, it is a particularly profitable solution especially in the long term, which can vary between the insertion of photovoltaic panels, the use of solar and thermal methods and more.
In particular, the use of the thermal coat, thanks to the support of specific materials and applicators, creates an insulating layer that protects the environment from bad weather, reducing heat loss and thus allowing me to save on bills.
On the other hand, by opting for natural cooling, an air chamber is created between the ceiling and the roof covering, where possible, to precisely isolate the building.

Continuing with the most requested services from AC Costruzioni, the company also carries out restoration and rehabilitation works of buildings of all types, from small apartments to historic buildings, up to rural or industrial areas.
The professionalism of the AC Costruzioni team allows us to adapt the work to the needs of each structure, in order to always use the most suitable materials and avoid waste, even economic ones.
The redevelopment activities include, in turn, a wide range of services including demolition, renovation of damaged parts, renovation of balconies and plaster, replacement of windows and shutters but also more.

Then, carrying out waterproofing works at sustained costs is possible, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies. In fact, between bituminous, liquid or PVC sheaths, a dehumidifying effect can be obtained that allows greater well-being of the property, improving the breathing of the walls and the quality of the interiors.

Speaking of industrial works, AC Costruzioni offers solutions in reinforced concrete, excavation and demolition activities of all kinds, redevelopment of historic buildings, flooring, re-ordering of industrial networks and much more, using latest generation technologies and innovative products. .
AC Costruzioni also offers its customers an additional scaffolding rental service, with assembly, transport and disassembly activities.

Finally, regardless of the type of processing required, AC Costruzioni deals entirely with the disposal of the material, including the accessories installed before the reconstruction activities.
With the utmost respect for the environment in which the work is carried out, the company staff takes care to leave everything clean and dispose of all forms of waste in the manner and within the terms established by law, without causing damage to the property.

AC Costruzioni's projects are multiple and transversal, they adapt to any type of internal and external environment and are sensitive to customer needs.
Whatever your doubt or need, all you have to do is communicate it to the professionals of the construction company in Rome and you will see that the starting project will be adapted as you prefer.
Between redevelopment, work on energy systems, care of household and industrial environments, AC Costruzioni will allow you to improve indoor and outdoor spaces, saving on final costs and obtaining a high quality result.


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