The work , nowadays, can also be done from home and this allows you to have a good monthly income : let's now see which are the most sought-after professions that allow you to be operational in a certain sector.

Work from home, beware of scams

Before talking about working from home, it should be emphasized that every proposal that is made must necessarily be analyzed. Unfortunately, in Italy, the concept of earnings that comes from the web is not yet well present in the mentality of entrepreneurs and on some occasions one encounters colossal scams.

The Ponzi scheme is one of these : being under other people who make a profit thanks to the work that is done by other users who, perhaps, are looking for a job to complement the main activity or in any case to make it main. It will therefore be necessary to pay the utmost attention when evaluating a job, so as not to enter a sort of tunnel from which it is really difficult to get out.

Now let's see which are the most sought-after professions and which can be carried out directly from home.

Home-based customer support for businesses

A profession highly sought after by businesses is that of call center agents offering customer assistance.
Today, this profession can be carried out from home as it is enough to have a telephone number that will be used to receive the various phone calls. Basically this profession consists in helping customers to solve certain problems that may arise after purchasing a product or service: the employee will then have the task of giving all the necessary answers, both by telephone and with the chat of the company portal, so that the problem can be solved.

This type of profession is certainly of great help for companies that sell their products through the web, and do not have logistical and internal personnel problems, able to offer assistance to the customers of their e-commerce .

To fill this role it is necessary to have good familiarity with the customer, to be cordial and kind and above all to know perfectly the product and any solutions that can be adopted in order to effectively offer a complete response to that customer. Furthermore, it is also necessary to know at least one foreign language, preferably English, since the customers who can request assistance could be foreigners.

Data entry and work from home

Another type of profession that can be carried out from home is that of data entry, or the employee who records the data of various customers within the company system. In this case the task is to contact the customers and create the personal data sheets on them, entering information such as appointments with the technician for the resolution of a problem or the reports that are made by customers about a potential problem.

With the increase in online sales, this profession becomes useful as a support for companies that are starting to market their products through their own ecommerce and need help to insert and manage the product sheets in the online catalog.

To do this job from home and earn money, you need to have a good understanding of the company you work for as well as the various products, so that you can offer support and complete the data entry task. Furthermore, always being kind to the customer and being cordial and available towards them is a behavior that must always be adopted by the various workers.

Making money online from home with web sales

Continuing in the analysis of the trades that can be carried out from home, it is necessary to emphasize that of the seller on commission for the various companies. In this circumstance the job consists in proposing to the various customers a product among those proposed by the company for which it serves and convincing the customer to make the purchase of the same. Basically it is a sort of call center that must be carried out directly from home and which will allow, consequently, to be able to obtain earnings based on the sales of products or contracts signed during the month.

In this sector, theAmazon affiliate program certainly dominates, which allows you to advertise the products for sale on the marketplace, earning up to 12% advertising commissions. The products can be promoted in different ways from your Facebook profile, blog to WhatsApp contacts, simply by sharing a link.

As for the other trades, it is necessary to try to have the maximum knowledge of that product and be careful enough in dealing with the customer, so that he can be easily convinced and proceed with the purchase of that particular item.

Work from home and the blogger

Even the blogger, especially if for the creation of content for companies, represents a profession that could be covered without major complications. In this circumstance, the role that must be played is to promote the products through your online space, creating product sheets and analyzing the positive aspects of the same article, which must be enhanced so that it is possible to convince the largest number of customers in the sale. of that particular asset.

To carry out this profession it is necessary to have a good familiarity with the world of the web, or to propose oneself to readers in such a way that they can have greater security during the purchase phase. The knowledge of the creation of texts from an SEO perspective, so that the contents are more visible, is part of the skills that must be present in the way of doing of those who want to fill this role, who must also know perfectly that product in order to create content that can be convincing and top quality.

The social media manager and work from home

As another job that can be done directly from home, there is also that of the social media manager, or the person in charge of the various social profiles of the company he works for: creating content that becomes viral, relating to customers, creating online news and other similar tasks fall within those that must necessarily be carried out by those who will deal with the social aspect of the company for which they will serve.

The knowledge that must be possessed by those who want to play this role concern the familiarity in using social portals so that each content becomes viral and therefore obtains maximum visibility on the web, knowing how to relate with customers and obviously being able to propose, in a way convincing and satisfying, that particular product. These are therefore skills that can be obtained over time and that will increase, thanks also to any errors that will not be committed further, thanks to the experience that will be obtained by carrying out this profession.

Copywriting and job offers

Even the creation of content for the various companies, with the texts that will be inserted within the various sites, represents a job that can be carried out directly from home. The difference with the blogger consists in the fact that the contents will have to be adapted to the style of the company and those already present on the portal, as well as the fact that the various articles will be inserted directly on the platform of the company for which you work from home.

In this case it is necessary to have knowledge of the product, to know how to write creatively and at the same time adapt to the way of relating of the company during the realization of the various contents. Involving customers is another aspect that must necessarily be known in such a way that it is possible to avoid the creation of unpleasant content to read. Knowledge of several foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, German and French, is also important, as this role could involve translating the different content into other languages to attract customers to that website.

The trader, a risky online profession

As a job that can be done from home, there is also that of the trader, which certainly represents the most complex and risky profession . This is because it involves making investments on the stock exchange and trying to get the maximum profit from them, focusing mainly on the rise or fall in the value of a listed share or a precious material. To play this role you need to know the technical terms of trading , the current market situation and a lot of effort, as well as a bit of luck. It is also important to carefully choose the trading portal so that scams are prevented and the invested capital can be stolen from those who want to play the role of online trader.

Where are the job offers from home

Online there are several portals that allow you to carry out one of these jobs directly from home and one of these is , which allows you to find ads that allow you to choose the type of profession to do from home. Another useful platform to use is , in the work section, which allows you to find out what jobs from home can be done and at the same time also to carry out targeted searches to find this kind of job. To these two platforms is added the well-known , which thanks to its well-structured search engine and the large amount of job advertisements, will allow you to find all the advertisements of companies that want to hire new staff for their company.

With these sites it is possible to find work from home without major complications.

Working from home, the tax aspect

Earning online, as can be easily understood, must necessarily also be analyzed under the fiscal and tax aspect. It should be emphasized that work from home, if done for a company, must not be subject to taxation that must be paid by those who carry out that job. This is for a simple reason, that is, the taxes have already been deducted from the salary that is received by the worker as this receives the monthly paycheck.

On the other hand, the question of whether you work from home as self-employed professionals is different: in this circumstance, if you combine the additional profession with the main one, you will have to insert the earnings obtained in the main income, which will then be taxed. If it is a part-time job, such as occasional services (maximum 5,000 euros / year), the various remunerations must be declared in the tax return, so that the remuneration itself is subject to the taxation provided for by law. If the home business is the main one and the income is high enough (over 5,000 euros / year), it is necessary to open the VAT number: depending on the remuneration obtained, you can opt for the flat rate or the classic one. Consequently, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to this aspect, so that work from home can be carried out without complications of any kind and so that the profession can be carried out perfectly.

Example and information on how to receive an occational service receipt.

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